Outremer Champions Cup

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Outremer Champions Cup was a football cup tournament held annually between 1997 and 2007 and contested by four teams from overseas departments and territories of France, including winners of the Coupe T.O.M., Coupe D.O.M. and Océan Indien Cup. Before 2004, it was called simply Coupe D.O.M.-T.O.M.

The tournament was always played in France. In 2008, it was decided to replace this competition by a similar one played by national teams called Coupe de l'Outre-Mer.

Previous winners[edit]

Year Final
Champion Result Runner-Up
1997 CS Saint-Denis (Réunion) 4–0 AS Manu Ura (French Polynesia)
1998 Club Franciscain (Martinique) 3–2 AS Vénus (French Polynesia)
1999 AS Vénus (French Polynesia) 2–2 SS Saint-Louisienne (Réunion)
2000 SS Saint-Louisienne (Réunion) 1–0 AS Vénus (French Polynesia)
2001 US Stade Tamponnaise (Réunion) 4–1 AS Vénus (French Polynesia)
2002 AS Pirae (French Polynesia) 1–0 Club Franciscain (Martinique)
2003 SS Saint-Louisienne (Réunion) 2–1 AS Vénus (French Polynesia)
2004 US Stade Tamponnaise (Réunion) 1–0 Club Franciscain (Martinique)
2005 ASC Le Geldar (French Guiana) 1–0 AS Sada (Mayotte)
2006 Club Franciscain (Martinique) 2–1 US Stade Tamponnaise (Réunion)
2007 US Stade Tamponnaise (Réunion) 3–0 L'Etoile de Morne-à-l'Eau (Guadeloupe)