Outtakes Vol 1

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Outtakes Vol 1
Compilation album by Mark Mallman
Released 2006
Genre Singer-Songwriter
Mark Mallman chronology
Between the Devil and Middle C
Outtakes Vol 1
Into the Black
[with Ruby Isle]

Outtakes Vol 1 is an mp3-download only compilation of demos and outtakes by Mark Mallman. It is only available through Mark Mallman's website.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Besides the B-sides"
  2. "Unborn Sons and Daughters" (previously released on Seven Years)
  3. "Presidential Suite"
  4. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
  5. "All My Hairdressers"
  6. "Dangerous Liaisons"
  7. "Somebody Has Always Got to Be the MotherF..."
  8. "Up on the Horse"
  9. "Michelle"
  10. "Driving in a Caravan"
  11. "I Must Have Been in Love"
  12. "Get in the Car"


External links[edit]

The album is available for download through Mark Mallman's website