Ovda Regio

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Ovda Regio
Feature type Regio
Coordinates 2°48′S 85°36′E / 2.8°S 85.6°E / -2.8; 85.6Coordinates: 2°48′S 85°36′E / 2.8°S 85.6°E / -2.8; 85.6
Diameter 5,280 km
Eponym Ovda

Ovda Regio is a region on Venus that forms the western part of Aphrodite Terra. Magellan images show a complex surface, with several generations of structures. A pervasive fabric of irregular broad domes and ridges and associated curvilinear valleys was flooded by lava, then fractured. The circular feature surrounded by dark lava flows in the western part of the image is a caldera, or large volcanic collapse pit. Late-stage extension created long graben, or fault-bounded valleys are seen. The northern boundary of Ovda Regio is a steep, curvilinear mountain belt made up of long, narrow, rounded ridges. These ridges are similar in appearance to folded mountain belts on Earth. Several impact craters are scattered across the area. The bright area in the southeast part of Magellan images indicates the presence of a radar-reflective mineral such as pyrite. Most of the highland areas on Venus display a similar bright signal.[1]

The complex internal fabric of Ovda Regio attests to a long history of tectonic deformation.[2]