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Town hall
Town hall
Flag of Overbetuwe
Coat of arms of Overbetuwe
Coat of arms
Location of Overbetuwe
Coordinates: 51°55′N 05°51′E / 51.917°N 5.850°E / 51.917; 5.850Coordinates: 51°55′N 05°51′E / 51.917°N 5.850°E / 51.917; 5.850
Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
 • Mayor Elisabeth Tuijnman
 • Total 115.18 km2 (44.47 sq mi)
 • Land 109.59 km2 (42.31 sq mi)
 • Water 5.59 km2 (2.16 sq mi)
Population (1 January, 2010)
 • Total 45,566
 • Density 394/km2 (1,020/sq mi)
  Source: CBS, Statline.
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Dutch Topographic map of Overbetuwe, July 2013

Overbetuwe (About this sound pronunciation ) is a municipality in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. It was formed on 1 January 2001 as a merger of three former municipalities: Elst, Heteren and Valburg. Overbetuwe is bordered in the north by the river Rhine and in the south by the river Waal. The city hall is located in Elst, the largest town in the municipality. Together with eighteen other municipalities it forms the 'Knooppunt Arnhem-Nijmegen' (English: 'Arnhem-Nijmegen conurbation'), or simply 'KAN', which is a regional collaboration.


Town Inhabitants (2010)
Andelst 1695
Driel 3600
Elst 20651
Hemmen 195
Herveld 2972
Heteren 5145
Homoet 86
Loenen 47
Oosterhout (partly) 2310
Randwijk 1468
Slijk-Ewijk 493
Valburg 1673
Zetten 5278


Because of its central location between the cities of Nijmegen and Arnhem, many inhabitants of Overbetuwe commute between these cities. Three major highways are situated in the municipality; the A50, A15 and A325. Overbetuwe has two railway stations: Elst and Zetten-Andelst. Besides these two existing railway lines, a controversial freight line called the Betuweroute has been operational from 2007.


The mayor of Overbetuwe is Elisabeth Tuijnman. The distribution of council seats after the 2010 elections is shown here.

Party Seats
PvdA 4
Gemeentebelangen Overbetuwe 5
D66 5
GroenLinks 2
ChristenUnie 1


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