Overkill (2011 video game)

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Overkill (2011) Poster.jpg
Developer(s) Craneballs Studio
Platform(s) iOS
Release date(s) March 17, 2011
Genre(s) Rail shooter
First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Download

Overkill is a Free-to-play video game developed by Craneballs Studio. The game is set in the future when the civilized society collapsed and player has to kill everybody he meets.[1]


The game is classical Rail shooter where the player has to kill as many enemies as he can and survive as many waves as he can. Enemies are statical and their fire can't be dodged and always its the player who has to kill them quickly. There are 21 waves in every level. Every wave is stronger than the previous. Player can come across multiple types of enemis such as soldiers or flying droids. Player can get boosts to his firing rate, accuracy, armor and more. The health can be generated after some time. Player gets money for every killed enemy. Player can buy new weapons ammo, or other equipment.[2]

The game offers 18 multiple weapons and some upgrades with 100 possible combinations. There are also 5 levels to unlock.[3][4]


The game was well received by critics. It was praised for its gameplay and a variety of weapons and upgrades. On the other hand it was criticised for its graphics[5]

The game has over 12 millions downloads.[6]


Overkill 2 the sequel game was released in 2013.[7]


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