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The terms overloading and overloaded may refer to:

  • Constructor and function/method overloading, in computer science, a type of polymorphism where different functions with the same name are invoked based on the data types or the parameters passed
    • Operator overloading, a form of functional or method overloading where the action being overloaded is an operator, such as + or -
  • Overloading (chess), a tactical theme arising out of an opponent piece performing more than one defensive task in the game
  • Overloading, in weight training, refers to performing exercises with higher resistance than the muscles can handle, causing microtrauma which leads to hypertrophy or muscle growth
  • Overloaded: The Singles Collection, a greatest hits compilation album by the Sugababes
  • Semantic overload, the general concept in linguistics, of which function overloading is a specific case.