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Overseas Adventure Travel (AKA OAT) is a branded operation of Grand Circle Travel, and (as is its parent company) is an arranger of group travels to locations foreign to the United States of America. It specialization relative to GCT is somewhat smaller groups and a higher level of physical activity, but within the capability of a healthy, fit and active older adult. A somewhat lower level of luxuriousness in accommodations (relative to GCT's tours) is employed to increase the value/cost ratio for clients. An ability to walk at a moderate pace for at least two miles (3.2 km) is recommended as a minimum level of fitness and some trails may include irregular and rough terrain requiring balance and care and some stairs.

Age minimum[edit]

While OAT caters specifically to Americans aged 50 or above, the minimum age requirement is 13 years old. However, passengers of this age are not commonplace.


The theme of tours is "Learning and Discovery". Tours will typically include at least one tour-paid "in home" meal provided by a local resident and a visit to a local grade school, such schools receiving some financial support from a foundation controlled by GCT and soliciting donations from visitors.


OAT contracts with individual tour guides for specific tours. In a specific area local tour guides may be added.


Hotels are selected for proximity to points of interest (in cities typically near the city center) and transportation, usually without an excess of luxury features.

Luggage handling[edit]

Handling of major luggage is generally provided other than through security, airport check-in and customs, with movement between transportation and accommodations provided by hotel porters compensated by OAT. Wheeled luggage is appropriate for OAT tours, as some minor handling by clients will usually be required.


Gratuities for porters and airport to hotel transport is covered by OAT. Tips associated with meals provided by OAT are covered by OAT. Gratuities to tour and local guides and tour bus drivers is suggested at specific daily amounts.

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