Owasco River

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Owasco River
Origin Owasco Lake, 42°54′11″N 76°32′34″W / 42.90306°N 76.54278°W / 42.90306; -76.54278
Mouth Seneca River, 43°04′36″N 76°38′54″W / 43.07667°N 76.64833°W / 43.07667; -76.64833
Basin countries New York State, United States
Length 22.5 km (14 mi)

Owasco River (also known as Owasco Creek, Owasco Lake Outlet, and Owasco Outlet) is a river in Cayuga County, New York, United States. The Owasco River Railway is named after the river.

It begins at Owasco Lake and flows north-northwest to the Seneca River.

The city of Auburn owns and operates a dam on the river, and empties the effluent from its wastewater treatment plant into the river.[1]


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