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Owen K.C. Stephens (born October 28, 1970)[1] is a game designer who has worked on a number of products for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game and other games.


After OtherWorld Creations began updating their d20 books to the Pathfinder rules system in 2009, they brought on Stephens as a Pathfinder line manager.[2]

Stephens has done design work for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Wizards of the Coast), Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, EverQuest Role-Playing Game, The Black Company Roleplaying Game, The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game, Gamma World Sixth Edition, as well as Dungeons & Dragons material appearing in Dragon magazine and NeoExodus: A House Divided. He is currently the Lead Developer for Super Genius Games.

Media mentions[edit]

Owen K.C. Stephens has appeared in the following newspaper and magazine articles, websites and podcasts.


  • RPG Countdown:[3] Owen appeared on these episodes: 18 December 2009[4] (The Genius Guide to the Dragonrider); 29 January 2010[5] (The Genius Guide to Feats of Spellcasting); 26 February 2010[6] (The Genius Guide to the War Master).


  • Robot Viking[7] Owen appeared in this interview: Owen K.C. Stephens: RPG Super Genius [8]
  • Rite Publishing[9] Owen appeared in this interview: Fridays & Functions 10 Questions with Owen K.C. Stephens [10]