Owen Knight

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Owen Knight
BrandonBeemer 2.jpg
Brandon Beemer as Owen Knight
The Bold and the Beautiful character
Portrayed by Brandon Beemer
Duration 2008–12
First appearance July 2, 2008
Last appearance February 29, 2012 [1]
Created by Bradley Bell & Kay Alden
Classification Former, regular
Home New York

Owen Knight is a fictional character from the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. The character, played by Brandon Beemer, made his debut on-screen on July 2, 2008.


Owen Knight arrives in Los Angeles in July 2008 to see a client of his Marcus Walton. Marcus hired him from a want ad online to find his biological mother. Marcus doesn't really know Owen since most of their correspondence have been online. Owen meets Donna Forrester and is instantly attracted to her. Donna's stepdaughter Felicia Forrester (Lesli Kay) notices this and offers Owen $200,000 to seduce Donna in an attempt to get Stephanie Forrester (her mother) and Eric Forrester (her father) back together. He appears to be intrigued by the offer and tells her he'll think about it. However, after meeting Donna he becomes enamored by her love and devotion to Eric and comes back and rejects the deal. Felicia is outraged and outraged even more when Owen tells Donna what Felicia did. In response to this new information Donna fires Felicia, Thorne and Ridge Forrester since she didn't believe she could trust them while her husband was in a coma. Felicia was outraged by Owen and slapped him for telling Donna her plan. The Forrester's therefore, decide to make it their goal to get Donna out of their father's life once their father comes out of the coma. Owen was made Donna's assistant (detective and paralegal background), due to his growing admiration of her; and he encourages her to keep Ridge, Felicia and Thorne out of the company since she can't trust them. He works as a voice of reason to her. Owen is shown to be a dissembler, causing friction among the Logans and Forrester's due to his influence over Donna. Despite their collaboration to find his mother, Marcus is starting to question Owen's motives in regards to his mother. He believes Owen is manipulating Donna and confronts his mother. Donna listens to her son and begins to question Owen. Donna starts to become suspicious of Owen also since he seems too good to be true and becomes concerned when he tells her he loves her. She and him share a few kisses and she decides that it's best if she lets him go. He agrees and leaves the company but doesn't leave Los Angeles.

It was later discovered that Eric didn't have a heart attack; but he had been poisoned with Potassium Chloride which had been put in a bottle of gin that Eric had a drink from before he had sex with his wife. Thanks to some detective work by step-siblings, Marcus and Bridget, the truth came out, and it could well be Owen who the suspicion could fall on. On August 22, Owen was arrested with attempting to murder Eric Forrester. He was almost the target of attack by Ridge and Thorne, and even Donna was angry with his actions. However, he insisted that he was taking the blame for someone else, that person being Donna who was on the verge of being arrested until he lied and said he poisoned Eric Forrester. His suspicions were indeed correct when it was discovered that Donna's arch-enemy, Pamela Douglas (Alley Mills) was the one who accidentally poisoned Eric, (in an attempt to stop the lovemaking between Eric and Donna; thinking this would lead to Eric returning to Stephanie her sister) and then saved her when she tried to kill her with a shotgun; and a bear. Donna became more enamored by Owen's knight saving act and they commenced to kiss as Eric Forrester was awaking slowly from his coma. Stephanie and Ridge send Donna and Owen both on a trip after Stephanie catches Donna and Owen in the bedroom kissing. However, they haven't been officially intimate in spite of the appearance. Recently Donna and Owen returned from their business trip unaware that a recovered Eric is down the hall from Kristen's old bedroom. Owen commences to kiss Donna and get her to try to move on with her life without Eric. Eric hears noise and catches them kissing each other.

In light of Eric's recovery Donna tells Owen that she can't be with him because she loves her husband. He refuses to leave and tells Donna that he loves her. He grabs her into a passionate kiss to which she responds. Owen continues to be an ambiguous thorn in Donna's side. She loves her husband but Owen captivates her passions. After discovering that Owen attempted to sleep with Donna her aunt, Bridget Forrester walks over and throws a glass of wine in Owen's face. And then walks away to eat a salad while sitting outside at a restaurant. Owen confronts her and tells her that he really does love Donna and Bridget breaks out into a tirade about men not being able to keep it in their pants to which Owen replies okay, "She can be down on men." And he' can be down on women." He continues to flirt with her.

Later Stephanie confronts him at a restaurant and wants him to tell her that he had an affair with Donna to which he denies stating that it's not as if he didn't try hard enough, but that she really does love Eric. Donna catches this and assumes Stephanie and Owen plotted the seduction attempt. And she relays to him that she "never wants to see him again." Owen tries to attract Bridget, but nothing comes of that; however, he, along with Marcus and Pam Douglas, confront Rick on his attraction to Steffy. Owen, Pam and Marcus don't trust Rick, as they think he had a hand in her sister, Phoebe's death, and they, like her father, Ridge, want to protect Steffy.

Having been fired from Forrester Creations, Owen got a job at Jackie M Designs. He started a fling with Jacqueline Marone. He also was dating Bridget, but this was short-lived since Bridget was still harboring feelings for her ex-husband Nick Marone and got back together with him. Jackie and Owen also got together, much to the irritation of Nick, who was convinced that Owen was only interested in Jackie for her money. Nick tried his best to break Owen and Jackie up, and even managed to convince Jackie to fire Owen. However, Owen countered with a proposal of marriage, which freaked Nick out even more. Nick vowed never to let Jackie marry Owen. Eventually, Owen took Jackie on a surprise vacation in Hawaii, unaware that Nick and Bridget were honeymooning there. Owen planned a wedding for Jackie, but Bridget found out about it and told Nick. Nick tried to stop the wedding, but he arrived too late.

Later on, Bridget and Owen had a one-night stand after she lost her and Nick's baby. Owen got Bridget pregnant, but while Bridget was aware of this, she chose to keep it a secret until Aggie Jones found out, forcing her to tell the truth. Nick subsequently divorced her.

Bridget and Owen's baby was born in October 2010. Bridget confessed that she had fallen in love with Owen and wanted to start a family with him. Although Owen appreciated her honesty, he stayed true to his wife and again proclaimed his love for her, leaving Bridget heartbroken. Nick eventually fires both Bridget and Owen from Jackie M Designs, although he later hires Owen back.

Jackie eventually ended the marriage, realizing that Owen belonged with his family and sorrowfully asking him for a divorce. Owen asked Bridget to move in with him, but their relationship ended in February 2012, allowing Owen to return to his marriage with Jackie. Jackie and Owen later sold their house and moved to New York to be with Bridget and Logan.


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