Oxford and Rugby Railway

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Oxford and Rugby Railway
Type Rural
System Great Western Railway
Status Historical
Locale South East England
West Midlands
Termini Oxford
Opening 2 September 1850 (Oxford to Banbury)
1 October 1852 (to Fenny Compton)
Owner Great Western Railway
Operator(s) Great Western Railway
Line length 50.5 miles (81.3 km)[citation needed]
No. of tracks 2
Track gauge Broad gauge and Mixed gauge

The Oxford and Rugby Railway was a railway between Oxford and Fenny Compton that was projected to reach Rugby but failed to do so.


On 4 August 1845[1] Parliament passed an Act for the Great Western Railway to build the Oxford and Rugby Railway from Oxford via Banbury, Fenny Compton, and Southam to Rugby.[2][3] The proposed route was to be roughly parallel with the Oxford Canal and 50 miles (80 km) long. At Rugby it was intended to link with the Midland Counties Railway.[4]


However, by 1849 GWR considered that gauge interchange issues at Rugby would create problems.[citation needed] On 2 September 1850 the 24 miles (39 km) single track broad gauge section opened from Oxford to Banbury.[5] This section was improved to be a double track mixed-gauge track on 1 October 1852. Due to the gauge problems, the section between the junction with the Birmingham and Oxford Junction Railway at Fenny Compton (opened on 1 October 1852) and Rugby was abandoned and never completed.


British Railways closed Fenny Compton station on 2 November 1964 in the Beeching cuts. Today the Cherwell Valley Line runs between Didcot Parkway and Banbury via Oxford.


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