Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

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Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
Operational area
Country  England
County  Oxfordshire
Agency overview
Chief Fire Officer David Etheridge
Facilities and equipment
Stations 24
Official website

The Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, is the Fire Service serving the county of Oxfordshire, England.[1]

Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters is based in Kidlington, Oxford, Oxfordshire. This is also the location of the fire service control room and workshops.

The current Chief Fire Officer is David Etheridge.

Fire Stations[edit]

Goring Fire Station

The Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service currently operates out of 24 Fire Stations, located across Oxfordshire.


Station Appliances Address Area Staffing
Abingdon 2 Rescue Engines Ock St., Abingdon South Vale Full-Time(Day), Part-Time(Night)[2]
Bampton 2 Rescue Engines New Rd., Bampton West Cherwell Part-Time[3]
Banbury 2 Rescue Engines, 1 High-Volume Pump Cope Rd., Banbury West Cherwell Full-Time(Day/Night), Part-Time[4]
Bicester 2 Rescue Engines Queens Ave., Bicester West Cherwell Part-Time[5]
Burford 1 Rescue Engine Witney St., Burford West Cherwell Part-Time[6]
Charlbury 1 Rescue Engine Sturt Rd., Charlbury West Cherwell Part-Time[7]
Chipping Norton 1 Rescue Engine, 1 Light Response 4x4 Burford Rd., Chipping Norton West Cherwell Part-Time[8]
Deddington 1 Rescue Engine Banbury Rd., Deddington West Cherwell Part-Time[9]
Didcot 2 Rescue Engines, 1 Incident Support Unit The Broadway, Didcot South Vale Full-Time(Day), Part-Time(Night)[10]
Eynsham 1 Rescue Engine, 1 Incident Support Unit Station Rd., Eynsham West Cherwell Part-Time[11]
Faringdon 1 Rescue Engine Station Rd., Faringdon South Vale Part-Time[12]
Goring 1 Rescue Engine Icknield Rd., Goring South Vale Part-Time[13]
Henley 1 Rescue Engine West St., Henley South Vale Part-Time[14]
Hook Norton 1 Rescue Engine Bourne Ln., Hook Norton West Cherwell Part-Time[15]
Kidlington 1 Rescue Engine, 1 Rescue Tender Sterling Rd., Kidlington West Cherwell Full-Time(Day), Part-Time(Night)[16]
Rewley Road 3 Rescue Engines, 1 Hydraulic Platform, 1 Environmental Protection Unit Rewley Rd., Oxford City Oxford Full-Time(Day/Night), Part-Time[17]
Slade Park 3 Rescue Engines Horspath Driftway, Headington, Oxford City Oxford Full-Time(Day/Night), Part-Time[18]
Thame 2 Rescue Engines Nelson St., Thame South Vale Part-Time[19]
Wallingford 1 Rescue Engine Station Rd., Wallingford South Vale Part-Time[20]
Wantage 1 Rescue Engine, 1 4x4 Ormond Rd., Wantage South Vale Part-Time[21]
Watlington 1 Rescue Engine 1 Gorwell, Watlington South Vale Part-Time[22]
Wheatley 1 Rescue Engine, 1 Water Carrier 16 Old London Rd., Wheatley South Vale Part-Time[23]
Witney 2 Rescue Engines Welch Way, Witney West Cherwell Part-Time[24]
Woodstock 1 Rescue Engine, 1 Control Unit Hensington Rd., Woodstock West Cherwell Part-Time[25]


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