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Map of Ozalj municipality within Karlovac County
Map of Ozalj municipality within Karlovac County
Ozalj is located in Croatia
Location of Ozalj in Croatia
Coordinates: 45°36′46″N 15°28′40″E / 45.612908°N 15.477718°E / 45.612908; 15.477718
County Karlovac County
 • Mayor Gordana Lipšinić (HDZ)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 7,932 (municipality)
Time zone Central European Time (UTC+1)

Ozalj (Hungarian: Ozaly, German: Wosail[2] or Woseil[3]) is a town in central Croatia, located north of Karlovac and southwest of Jastrebarsko, on the Kupa River. It is close to Žumberak in the north and the border with Slovenia in the northwest, with Metlika being the closest Slovenian town.


The town was built on a cliff over the Kupa river and the first mention of it dates from 1244, as a free royal town. The Frankopan family owned it since 1398, then it passed to the Zrinski family in 1550, and it stayed theirs until 1671. The city commemorates 30 April as its day, in memory of the event in 1671 when Petar Zrinski and Fran Krsto Frankopan were executed.

The patron saint of the town is St. Vitus, whose feast is celebrated 15 June.


Munjara is the old hydroelectric plant. This plant has three 3.5 megawatt generators and was built between 1907 and 1908.

Munjara hydroelectric plant


The town of Ozalj itself has a population of 1,194, with a total of 6,837 people in the municipality.[1] 96% of the population are Croats (census 2001).

It is surrounded by 96 smaller settlements, the full list of which is:[1]

Notable people[edit]

Grave of Slava Raškaj


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