Ozalj Hydroelectric Power Plant

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The Ozalj I Hydroelectric Power Plant was built in 1908.
Ozalj Hydroelectric Power Plant is located in Croatia
Ozalj Hydroelectric Power Plant
Location of Ozalj - HPP in Croatia

Coordinates: 45°36′52″N 15°28′40″E / 45.61444°N 15.47778°E / 45.61444; 15.47778

Ozalj Hydroelectric Power Plant is a hydroelectric power plant on river Kupa, in its central stretch, in town of Ozalj, Karlovac county, Croatia.

The Ozalj Hydroelectric Power Plant is run-of-the-river plant on the Kupa River central stretch. The Ozalj plant consist of two separate hydroelectric power plants, Ozalj 1 (located on the right bank of the Kupa River) and Ozalj 2 (located on the left bank of the Kupa River). Ozalj 1 was built in 1908 as the first larger power plant in the continental part of Croatia, and the power was used for street lighting in the city of Karlovac.[1]

It is operated by Hrvatska elektroprivreda.[2]

The Kupa River catchment hydroelectric power plants[edit]

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