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A pølsevogn
A pølsevogn in the city center of Kolding (Jutland)

Pølsevogn is a Danish word literally meaning "sausage wagon". These hot dog stands can be found in most municipal areas of Denmark, and even in parks. They are essentially hand-pulled carts with room for one person inside who makes the hot dogs. Sausage-wagon food is popular among tourists and Danes alike. The remarkable thing about them is that they showcase the Danish spectrum of food dressings, such as Denmark's most notable dressing, remoulade and in some places they offer a local speciality.

The immigration and gradual integration of immigrants have also influenced this Danish tradition and resulted in a Halal Pølsevogn being opened in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Danish themed Hot Dog Stands can be found in more and more countries throughout the world. 130 pølsevogne exist in Russia alone. Other countries with Pølsevogne include Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and as far away as Singapore. Many of these exist due to large Danish permanent or tourist community. Pølsevogne have also been known to travel with Danish groups to events like the Le Mans 24-hour race.

Some Pølsevogne have made trips to and within other countries, such as a cross-country trip through the USA collecting money for charity and a 2213 km Copenhagen-Paris trip as part of bet with a main supplier of hot dog buns.