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Luthár's work.

Pál Luthár (Slovene: Pavel Lutar) (November 1, 1839 – February 14, 1919) was a Slovene Lutheran teacher, organist and writer.

He was born in Križevci near Gornji Petrovci (Prekmurje). His father János Luthár was peasant. The elementary school attended in Hodoš and Neuhaus am Klausenbach. In 1856-1865 was the student of the Lutheran Lyceum in Sopron. In 1866 worked near count István Erdődy. Assistant teacher was in Nemescsó (1867), Beled (1869), Vásárosfalu (1869-1870), also in Vásárosfalu permanent teacher (1870-1874), later in Vučja Gomila (1874-1883). In 1883 was resigned and in Szentgyörgyvölgy dealt with homeopathy. Because the rival doctors was moved in Szentgotthárd, his work was also carried in Southern Burgenland. In 1900, he published his Luther Mártona zsitek ali krátko popiszanye onoga, ka sze je zsnyim godílo i ka jeon vcsíno (Live of Martin Luther or short description about his events and works). Translate lote Lutheran church hymns from German in Prekmurian. His Lutheran prayers remained in manuscript. Wrote articles in the Lutheran monthly magazine Düsevni liszt and calendar Dober pajdás.

He died and buried in Szentgotthárd. Géza Czipott celebrated his funeral.


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