Pálffy Palace (Bratislava)

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For the palace in Vienna, see Palais Pálffy. For the similar-named but distinct palace in Bratislava on the Panská street, see Johann Pálffy Palace.
Pálffy Palace

Pálffy Palace (Slovak: Pálfiho palác, Hungarian: Pálffy-palota) is a Baroque-style palace in the Old Town of Bratislava, on the Ventúrska street. It was built by Count Leopold Pálffy in 1747. It has an interesting portal with a relief reflecting the military career of the count as a general in the army of Empress Maria Theresa.

During the reconstruction of the palace, parts of a Gothic building were found in walls at the interior of the building. Roman and Celtic finds were uncovered through archaeological research in the basement.

The palace used to contain in the past a mint.

In 1762, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart concerted here at the age of six.

Today, the palace has been used as the Austrian embassy since 1993.

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