Pálffy Palace (Zámocká Street)

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Pálffy Palace (Zámocká Street)
Pálfiho palác (Zámocká)
Pálfiho palác na Zámockej 1.jpg
Central part of the Pálffy Palace facade
General information
Type Palace
Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Address Zámocká No. 47, Bratislava
Construction started 17th century
Demolished partially demolished after 1900
Owner in private ownership

Pálffy Palace (Slovak: Záhradné krídlo bývalého Pálffyho paláca) is a 17th-century building on Zámocká Street in the Old Town of Bratislava, Slovakia, situated just underneath the Bratislava Castle.[1] It is the summer pavilion of a large palace complex that was slowly demolished after the year 1900. Today, the building is used for cultural events.


Pálffy Palace and Garden was a large complex built during the reconstruction of the Bratislava castle after 1635 by Pavol Pálffy, who decided to build a palace for himself on Schlosgrund.[2] The service road, used to during the construction and later for supplying the palace later became today's Zámocká Street. This street was settled with Jewish settlers coming into the city from the lands of Mikuláš Pálffy. The city of Bratislava became owner of the palace in 1870 and artillery barracks were established there together with an orphanage and some flats for the poor. In 1900 the whole complex was gradually demolished to make room for new buildings, among others the student dormitory Svoradov and elementary school at Palisády Street.

The only part of the former Pálffy Palace and Garden that survived was the Summer Pavillon. It was later restored and today it is known as Pálffy Palace at Zámocká Street.


Today, the building serves as a cultural establishment with concerts of classical music taking place here,[3][4][5] as well as design cultural events, exhibitions[6] and international conferences.[7]

The restored palace is best accessed from the "Zochova" and "Kapucinska" public transport stops walking up the hill towards Bratislava Castle or from Palisády Street, walking downhill. Pálffy Palace is located approximately 5 minutes walking from the historical city center.

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