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Family name
Meaning Son of Peter
Breach or burst forth
Region of origin Spain
Language(s) of origin Spanish / Hebrew
Related names Fares, Farez, Fretz, Peres, Peris, Peretz, Pesidas, Pharez, Pretz, Pritz

Pérez is a surname with at least two distinct origins: One is a Spanish surname meaning "son of Pero, Pedro, or Peter." The other is a Hebrew surname Peretz, derived from Perez (son of Judah) (Hebrew פרץ cf. Genesis 38:29), meaning to "breach or burst forth." The Hebrew name Perez is transliterated Farés in the Spanish Christian Bible.

The name rarely occurs as a first name, as in the case of Pérez Prado who dropped his original first name, Dámaso Pérez, and became known by his paternal and maternal surnames "Pérez Prado."


In Castilian Spanish, the name is pronounced [ˈpeɾeθ]; in Latin America, [ˈpeɾes]. In American English, it is often /pəˈrɛz/ pə-REZ. In Portuguese the surname is Perez without the accent.

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Other forms[edit]

The other forms of the same family name are: Fares, Farez, Fretz, Peris, Peretz, Pesidas, Pharez, Pretz, Pritz, among others.[citation needed]

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