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Péter Erdödy (Croatian: Petar Erdödy, 1504–1567) (Erdődy: a Hungarian noble family in the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia since the Middle Ages) was the ban of Croatia from 1557 to 1567 and the founding member of the Croatian branch of the Erdődy noble family.

Péter was born in 1504. He was the son of Peter I. Erdődy, the nephew of Tamás Bakócz He succeeded the famous Nikola Šubić Zrinski as ban in 1557. He first gained notoriety with a series of military victories against the Ottoman Empire in 1552, including setting fire to Gradiška with Juraj Frankopan.

He was given the titles of Reichsgraf in 1565 and Reichsfürst in 1566 by Maximilian II. Because he died soon (one year) after that, the titles weren't nostrificated. The title of Reichsgraf was nostrificated in 1580 for his two sons Thomas II. and Peter III. by Rudolf II. But the title of Reichsfürst got forgotten.

He died in 1567. His first son Tamás Erdődy later became ban as well.


  • "Die Geschichte des Hauses Erdődy" ("The History of the Erdődy family") after Dr. Karl Giay which is attached to Gräfin Helene Erdődy's book "Erinnerungen" ("Memories"). Released 1929 by Amalthea-Verlag, Vienna
Preceded by
Nikola Šubić Zrinski
Ban of Croatia
Succeeded by
Lucas Zekel