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Origin Germany
Genres Post-industrial, Ambient, Rhythmic noise
Years active 1993–present
Labels Ant-Zen, Hymen Records
Members Christian Pallentin

P·A·L is a German musical project whose style ranges from power noise to ambient. It is a long-time act on Germany’s Hymen Records and Ant-Zen record labels.

Members and history[edit]

The name P·A·L comes from the last name of Christian Pallentin (b. May 11, 1966), the founder and only member of P·A·L. Pallentin began experimenting with music in 1986, and met Stefan Alt in 1993, at which time he contributed a song to a compilation appearing on Alt’s label, Ant-Zen. Since then, Pallentin has been releasing music under the name P·A·L. He also has contributed one compilation track under the name Pro/Against Life, has done one remix under the name S.A.L (Stefan Alt and P·A·L), and has contributed to the bands/projects The Trial, Hybryds and Andxesion.

P·A·L is pronounced as a single word, not three separate letters. The word may also appear as P*A*L, or PAL, but rarely Pal. P·A·L is also known for his influence on bands such as Wumpscut, who made his own version of the P·A·L track “Concrete Rage”. Decoded Feedback, also, has used P·A·L samples on their album Shockwave.

P·A·L performed at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in 1996 and 2001. P·A·L also performed at the first Maschinenfest in 1999 and returned to the annual international industrial festival in 2001 and 2006. So far[when?], he has performed more than 70 concerts in Europe and the United States.


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