P. H. Moriarty

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P. H. Moriarty
Born (1939-02-27) 27 February 1939 (age 75)
London, England, UK

P. H. Moriarty (born 27 February 1939, London) is an English actor.

Perhaps best known for his role as 'Razors' in John Mackenzie's The Long Good Friday (1979; released 1981), he later portrayed 'Hatchet Harry' in Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Gurney Halleck in the Sci Fi Channel's 2000 miniseries Frank Herbert's Dune and its 2003 sequel, Frank Herbert's Children of Dune.

Moriarty came to acting late in life, having worked for many years in other professions, including as a boxer and a docker.

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