P. K. Balakrishnan

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P. K. Balakrishnan
P. K. Balakrishnan.gif
Born 1926
Edavanakkad, Eranakulam, Cochin, India
Died 1991
Nationality Indian

P. K. Balakrishnan (1926–1991) was a Malayalam novelist, critic and historian. His multifaceted interests took him through politics, journalism, public speaking and creative writing. He was a patriot who gave up his studies for the freedom of the country.


  • Narayana Guru (1954) - an anthology on the great spiritual leader and social reformer of Kerala.
  • Chandu Menon - Oru Padanam (Chandu Menon - a Study) (1957) - on the author of the first Malayalam novel 'Indulekha'
  • Kavyakala Kumaranasaniloode (The Art of Poetry through Kumaran Asan) (1970) - on the noted doyen of Malayalam poetry Kumaran Asan
  • Ezhuthachante Kala - Chila Vyasa Bharatha Padhanangalum (The Art of Ezhuthachan) (1982) - a work on the father of Malayalam literature
  • Sidhiyum Sadhanayum (Gift of Genius and Nurturing) (1965) - a work on the craft of novel writing
  • Balakrishnante Lekhanangal (Articles of Balakrishnan)(2004)
  • Keraleeyatayum Mattum (The Essence of Kerala etc.) (2004) - a collection of 20 articles published in various periodicals over a time
  • Pluto Priyapetta Pluto (Pluto, my dear Pluto) (1963) - the story of his real life dog named after the Walt Disney counterpart
  • Ini Njan Urangatte (And now, Let me Sleep) (1973) - A work originating from the great Indian epic Vyasabharatha (Mahabharath).
  • Tippu Sultan (1959) an historical biography
  • Jaathivyavasthithium Keralacharithravum (The Caste system and History of Kerala) (1983) - a work in kerala history.
  • "Veritta Chintakal" (Thoughts Apart) (2011) Commentaries on social and political history of India triggered by contemporary events. Collected from articles written in Malayalam daily 'Madhyamam'


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