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P2P Foundation
Formation 2005
Michel Bauwens
Website http://p2pfoundation.net

P2P Foundation: The Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives is an organization with the aim of studying the impact of peer to peer technology and thought on society. It was founded by Michel Bauwens.[1]

The P2P Foundation is a registered institute founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Its local registered name is: Stichting Peer to Peer Alternatives, dossier nr: 34264847.[2]


The P2P Foundation serves as a networking sight for those who support developing peer to peer processes "for many systems within the current socio-economic and cultural-political order".[3] Its Choke Point Project aims to map the entire internet. It won the Golden Nica Award for "The Next Idea" 2011.[4]

Nakamoto controversy[edit]

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, released one of the first papers describing Bitcoin on the p2p website.[5] When Newsweek ran an article claiming Nakamoto is Dorian S. Nakamoto from Temple City, California, Nakamoto's user profile posted that he was not Dorian.[5][6] The p2p foundation verified that the account was the same account that posted one of the first papers describing Bitcoin.[5][7] On September 2014, Nakamoto's p2p account was allegedly hacked and a post was made to his account that said his information was being sold on Darknet.[8][9]


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