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PANalytical is an international scientific instrumentation supplier which develops and manufactures X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) equipment for use in research and industry. PANalytical was formerly Philips Analytical, a division of Philips, prior to its sale in 2002. PANalytical now operates as an autonomous business unit of UK-based technology company Spectris plc.[1] PANalytical is headquartered in Almelo (the Netherlands), with additional research facilities and applications laboratories in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and the USA.


Axios X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

In 1931, Philips introduced the first commercially available X-ray machine, Metalix. In 1948, North American Philips corporation (Norelco) introduced the first commercial X-ray diffractometer product in cooperation with the US Naval Research Laboratories. In 1954, Philips Analytical introduced the PW1520 XRF spectrometer, forming the basis for commercial X-ray fluorescence products for elemental analysis.[2] That same year, Philips introduced the PW1050 goniometer (θ-2θ geometry) for both diffraction and fluorescence products. The PW1050 goniometer remains at the heart of many diffractometers still in use today.[3] In 1972 the headquarters and system development were relocated from Eindhoven to Almelo. Over the next several decades, Philips expanded their product line under the Philips Analytical brand before the division's sale to Spectris in 2002. Prior to the Spectris acquisition, PANalytical sold their photoluminescence mapping product line based in Waterloo, Canada to Accent Optical Technologies.

The PANalytical organization is set up covering the following regions: Asia Pacific (HQ in Singapore), AMEC (HQ in Westborough, MA, USA) and EMEA (HQ in Almelo, The Netherlands).[4] The company's current product line includes diffraction and fluorescence systems (energy- and wavelength dispersive) for materials science applications and process control.

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