PAREF Northfield School

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PAREF Northfield School
Motto Fortuna Favet Fortibus
Fortune Favors the Brave!
Established 1994
Type All Boys
Affiliations Opus Dei
Grades Grades 1-9 & HS III-IV
Location Sct. Gandia, Kamuning,
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
District Quezon City
Oversight Opus Dei
Colors Blue and Red
Yearbook Daungan, Harbours
Newspaper Fortibus, Ang Kumpit
School Hymn Gaudeamus Igitur
Supervising Organization PAREF (Parents for Education Foundation)
Website [1]

The PAREF Northfield School, also known simply as Northfield, is a private school for boys in Kamuning, Quezon City, Philippines. It is under the Parents for Education Foundation (PAREF). PAREF Northfield school is composed of primary, intermediate, and high school. The spiritual formation of this school is sponsored by the Opus Dei.


Northfield School was conceived in June 1994, starting with only 17 families then and aimed to provide a balanced academic and personal formation for its students, with the active collaboration of parents and teachers. It was started as Northridge with a pre-school by a group of stalwart parents attending the Quezon City Educhild (Education for the Upbringing of Children Foundation) courses. And having realized the need to have a similar tandem boys and girls schools in Quezon City, like that of the south tandem schools Southridge and Woodrose in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Northridge was born. But since there is an existing school in the U.S. named Northridge, the gestating boys school in Quezon City was renamed as PAREF-Northfield, with its equally independent feeder pre-school PAREF-Rosefield close by, and its tandem girls school PAREF-Rosehill in Antipolo.

Nothfield now offers Elementary (Grade 1 - Grade 6) and High School (Grade 7 - Year 5) Levels at present, as well as the imminent opening of its regular Free High School Scholarship Program by the Year 2002-2003.