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PCP may refer to:

Medicine and pharmaceutics[edit]




  • Performance Co-Pilot, an open-source performance monitoring system
  • Port Control Protocol, a computer networking protocol allowing hosts to create explicit port forwarding rules on default gateways
  • Pre-charged pneumatic, a type of air gun
  • Priority Code Point, a three-bit priority field within an Ethernet frame header when using IEEE 802.1q tagged frames.
  • Puppet Certified Professional, someone who has passed the certification exam, proving proficiency in using Puppet.


  • "Faster/P.C.P.", a single by Manic Street Preachers, from their 1994 album The Holy Bible
  • Purple City Productions, a Harlem-based rap group
  • Personal contract purchase, a vehicle financing product
  • Principia Cybernetica Project, an organization and website devoted to evolutionary-cybernetic philosophy
  • Perfect Crime Party, a fictional manga in Bakuman
  • Prior comparative period, an accounting term that enables financial reports to be compared to a similar year rather than just the immediately preceding year.