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For the video game, see PDC World Championship Darts.
William Hill
World Darts Championship
Tournament information
Venue Alexandra Palace
Location London
Country England
Established 1994
Organisation(s) PDC
Format Legs (preliminaries and 3rd/4th place play off)
Sets (from first round)
Prize fund £1,050,000 (2014)
Month(s) Played December/January
Current champion(s)
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen

The PDC World Darts Championship is a world championship competition for the sport of darts, organised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Following a dispute with the British Darts Organisation, which has run its own world championship since 1978, the "rebel" players were banned from BDO events, and the PDC held their first World Championship in 1994. The biggest of the PDC tournaments, it traditionally begins in late December, finishing in early January just as the BDO's version gets underway.

The tournament is currently sponsored by William Hill and is now staged at the Alexandra Palace in London after being held the Circus Tavern in Purfleet for its first 14 years.[1]

Only 6 players have won this championship: Dennis Priestley, Phil Taylor, John Part, Raymond van Barneveld, Adrian Lewis and Michael van Gerwen. Of these, only Taylor, Lewis and Part have won it more than once. In addition, Lewis and van Gerwen are the only PDC World Champions never to have won the BDO World Championship. Taylor has dominated the tournament, winning 14 titles and reaching 16 of the first 17 finals. No left-handed player has won the PDC World Championship.

Following popular darts commentator Sid Waddell's death on 11 August 2012, the decision was made to rename the champion's trophy to the Sid Waddell trophy from the 2013 tournament onwards.[2]


In 1992, some high profile players, including all previous winners of the BDO World Darts Championship still active in the game, formed the WDC (now PDC), and in 1994, held their first World Championship. Dennis Priestley won the inaugural competition.

The players who broke away were taking a significant gamble - the tournament was broadcast on satellite television rather than terrestrial, and from 1994 to 2001, the prize fund for the players in the WDC/PDC World Championship was lower than the players in the BDO version, although the 1997 PDC World Champion got £45,000 compared to the 1997 BDO World Champion getting £38,000. In 2002, the PDC prize fund overtook the BDO for the first time and the PDC event now boasts the largest prize fund of any darts competition, the PDC and sponsors Ladbrokes have announced that prize money will reach £1 million by 2010 with the winner set to collect £200,000.

The 2014 PDC World Champion will collect £250,000.

Final Results and statistics[edit]

Year Champion (average in final)[3] T. Score Runner-Up (average in final) Sponsor Prize Money Venue
Total[4] Champion Runner-Up
1994 England Dennis Priestley (94.38) 1st 6–1 England Phil Taylor (90.62) Skol £64,000 £16,000 £8,000 Circus Tavern
1995 England Phil Taylor (94.11) 1st 6–2 England Rod Harrington (87.15) Proton Cars £55,000 £12,000 £6,000
1996 England Phil Taylor (98.52) 2nd 6–4 England Dennis Priestley (101.49) Vernons £61,000 £14,000 £7,000
1997 England Phil Taylor (100.92) 3rd 6–3 England Dennis Priestley (96.78) Red Band £98,000 £45,000 £10,000
1998 England Phil Taylor (103.98) 4th 6–0 England Dennis Priestley (90.75) Skol £71,000 £20,000
1999 England Phil Taylor (97.11) 5th 6–2 England Peter Manley (93.63) £104,000 £30,000 £16,000
2000 England Phil Taylor (94.42) 6th 7–3 England Dennis Priestley (91.80) £110,000 £31,000 £16,400
2001 England Phil Taylor (107.46) 7th 7–0 Canada John Part (92.58) £124,000 £33,000 £18,000
2002 England Phil Taylor (98.47) 8th 7–0 England Peter Manley (91.35) £200,000 £50,000 £25,000
2003 Canada John Part (96.87) 1st 7–6 England Phil Taylor (99.98) Ladbrokes
2004 England Phil Taylor (96.03) 9th 7–6 England Kevin Painter (90.48) £256,000
2005 England Phil Taylor (96.14) 10th 7–4 England Mark Dudbridge (90.66) £300,000 £60,000 £30,000
2006 England Phil Taylor (106.74) 11th 7–0 England Peter Manley (91.72) £500,000 £100,000 £50,000
2007 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (100.93) 1st 7–6 England Phil Taylor (100.86)
2008 Canada John Part (92.86) 2nd 7–2 England Kirk Shepherd (85.10) £589,000 Alexandra Palace
2009 England Phil Taylor (110.94) 12th 7–1 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (101.18) £724,000 £125,000 £60,000
2010 England Phil Taylor (104.38) 13th 7–3 Australia Simon Whitlock (100.51) £868,000 £150,000
2011 England Adrian Lewis (99.40) 1st 7–5 Scotland Gary Anderson (99.41) £1,000,000 £200,000 £100,000
2012 England Adrian Lewis (93.06) 2nd 7–3 England Andy Hamilton (90.83)
2013 England Phil Taylor (103.04) 14th 7–4 Netherlands Michael van Gerwen (100.66)
2014 Netherlands Michael van Gerwen (100.10) 1st 7–4 Scotland Peter Wright (95.71) £1,050,000 £250,000
2015 William Hill plc £1,250,000 £250,000 £120,000


The Alexandra Palace, where the tournament has been held since 2008.
Player 1st 2nd
England Phil Taylor 14 3
Canada John Part 2 1
England Adrian Lewis 2 0
England Dennis Priestley 1 4
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 1 1
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 1 1
England Peter Manley 0 3
England Rod Harrington 0 1
England Kevin Painter 0 1
England Mark Dudbridge 0 1
England Kirk Shepherd 0 1
Australia Simon Whitlock 0 1
Scotland Gary Anderson 0 1
England Andy Hamilton 0 1
Scotland Peter Wright 0 1

Nine-dart Finishes[edit]

Player Year Round Result Opponent
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 2009 Quarter-Final Won Netherlands Jelle Klaasen
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 2010 2nd Round Won Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan
England Adrian Lewis 2011 Final Won Scotland Gary Anderson
England Dean Winstanley 2013 2nd Round Lost Netherlands Vincent van der Voort
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 2013 Semi Final Won England James Wade
England Terry Jenkins 2014 1st Round Lost Denmark Per Laursen
Australia Kyle Anderson 2014 1st Round Lost England Ian White


Since the breakaway of the PDC players, there has been much debate about the relative merits of the players within each organisation. The debate often focuses on the three-dart averages of players in matches.

Prior to the split there had been only three occasions when a player had managed to achieve an average of 100 for a match:

Ton+ averages prior to the split
Average Player Year (+ Round) Opponent Result
102.63 England Dennis Priestley 1993, 1st Round Scotland Jocky Wilson 3–0
100.50 England Phil Taylor 1990, Semi Final England Cliff Lazarenko 5–0
100.29 England Keith Deller 1985, Quarter-Final England John Lowe 2–4

An average over 100 in a match in the PDC World Championship has since been achieved 76 times, compared to 20 times in the BDO World Championships, despite the BDO tournament's longer history. 11 different men have achieved an average of over 100 in the PDC tournament, compared to 8 different men in the BDO tournament since the split in 1994.

Ten highest PDC World Championship one-match averages:[5]
Average Player Year (+ Round) Opponent Result
111.21 England Phil Taylor 2002, 2nd Round England Shayne Burgess 6–1
110.94 England Phil Taylor 2009, Final Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 7–1
109.00 England Phil Taylor 2007, 2nd Round Republic of Ireland Mick McGowan 4–1
108.80 England Phil Taylor 2009, Quarter-Final Netherlands Co Stompé 5–0
108.39 Scotland Gary Anderson 2011, 3rd Round England Andy Smith 4–0
108.31 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 2013, 1st Round England Michael Smith 3–0
108.30 England Phil Taylor 2006, 3rd Round England Andy Hamilton 4–0
107.46 England Phil Taylor 2001, Final Canada John Part 7–0
107.37 England Phil Taylor 2010, Quarter-Final England Adrian Lewis 5–0
106.74 England Phil Taylor 2006, Final England Peter Manley 7–0

Different players on PDC World Championship ton+ match average
Player Total Highest Av. Year (+ Round)
England Phil Taylor 35 111.21 2002, 2nd Round
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 8 108.31 2013, 1st Round
England Adrian Lewis 8 106.51 2010, 1st Round
Scotland Gary Anderson 6 108.39 2011, 3rd Round
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 6 103.03 2014, Semi Final
Australia Simon Whitlock 4 105.37 2010, Quarter-Final
Scotland Peter Wright 2 105.07 2014, 3rd Round
England Terry Jenkins 2 102.64 2012, 3rd Round
England Andy Hamilton 2 102.04 2011, Quarter-Final
Netherlands Co Stompé 1 102.42 2010, 3rd Round
Republic of Ireland Mick McGowan 1 101.82 2007, 2nd Round
England Dennis Priestley 1 101.49 1996, Final

Television coverage[edit]

The stage at the 2009 World Championship.

The PDC World Championship has been broadcast live and in its entirety by Sky Sports in the UK since its inception. Since 2009 the tournament has been shot in High Definition (HD). The tournament has become more and more popular in recent years with the 2007 World Final achieving a viewing figure in excess of 1 million for the first time. Sky's contract to cover the event was extended until 2013, which was the 20th year of the tournament.[6]

World Final viewing figures[edit]


Year Broadcaster
Sky Television Netherlands Germany SPORT1
2014 668,000 2,054,000 (RTL 7) 560,000[8]
2013 1,270,000[9] 1,748,000 (RTL 7) 810,000
2012 728,000 762,000 (RTL 7)
2011 920,000 435,000 (SBS6)
2010 888,000 854,000 (SBS6) 730,000 (Peak 1 mio)
2009 809,000 1,441,000 (SBS6) 490,000 (Peak 910,000)
2008 731,000 211.000 (compilation SBS6) 340,000
2007 1,028,000 1,339,000 (SBS6)
2006 761,000
2005 530,000
2004 820,000
2003 610,000
2002 Unavailable
2001 420,000
2000 240,000
1999 200,000

Dutch broadcaster SBS6, having covered the BDO World Darts Championship for many years, also covers the event until RTL7 took over broadcasting. Fox Sports (USA), TSN (Canada), Fox Sports (Australia), SuperSport (South Africa), Ten Sports (India), CCTV (China), Showtime (Middle East), Ukraine TV, Sky New Zealand, IKO (Poland), Starhub (Singapore), Sport1 (Hungary), Meersat (Malaysia), 7TV (Russia), Measat (Indonesia), J Sports (Japan) now also broadcast the event.

The PDC world championship events are now broadcast on www.livepdc.tv which shows the events live, highlights and also classic matches. This website is a subscription only viewing and is limited to certain territorial restrictions.


Since the split in darts two versions of the world championship have existed since 1994, this record section relates specifically to achievements in the PDC version

Most titles: Phil Taylor 14 (2 BDO titles takes total to 16). John Part and Adrian Lewis are in second place with two PDC titles each.
Most finals: Phil Taylor 17 (1994-2007, 2009-2010, & 2013)
Most match wins: Phil Taylor 97 matches (1994 - 2011). Taylor has only lost five matches at the tournament and reached every final until the 2008 tournament when he was knocked out in the Quarter Final by Wayne Mardle then in the same position in 2011 by Mark Webster.
Longest unbeaten run: Phil Taylor 44 matches between his loss at the 1994 final and his next defeat the final of 2003
Most 180s in a tournament: 603 in 2014. This beat the previous record set in 2012, when the tournament total of 588.[10]
Most 180s in a tournament (individual): Adrian Lewis 60 (2011)[11]
Most appearances: Phil Taylor is the only player to have appeared in all 21 editions of the championship.[12]
Youngest player: Mitchell Clegg, 16 years and 37 days Clegg qualified as a 15 year old in 2007. He was younger than Michael van Gerwen who set the BDO World Championship youngest player record a few weeks later
Youngest finalist: Kirk Shepherd, 21 years and 88 days In the 2008 final, Shepherd was two days younger than when Jelle Klaasen won the BDO version.
Record TV audience: 1,500,000 (2013 Final). The 2007 final was the first time that Sky Television achieved a viewing figure of over 1 million for a darts match. The 2013 final had a 1.2 million average, with 10 million viewers over the course of the tournament.[13]
Nine-dart finishes: Raymond van Barneveld and Adrian Lewis have thrown a nine-dart finish at the championships, while the former achieved it twice (2009 Quarter Finals vs. Jelle Klaasen and 2010 Second Round vs. Brendan Dolan) and the latter once (2011 Final vs. Gary Anderson). Recently Dean Winstanley became the third person to hit the Nine-Darter (in the Second Round vs. Vincent van der Voort at the 2013 Champtionships). After the 9-darter from Winstansley, in the semi-finals Michael van Gerwen hit the perfect leg in his match against James Wade.
Both versions of World Championship: Dennis Priestley was the first player to have won both versions of the World Championship. He won the 1991 BDO Championship and 1994 PDC Championship. Phil Taylor, John Part and Raymond van Barneveld have also matched the feat.
Overseas World Champions: John Part was the first player from outside the UK to win the PDC World Championship with his 2003 title, with Raymond van Barneveld the second overseas champion in 2007. Part was also the first overseas player to win the BDO title in 1994

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