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PGA Tour
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PGA Tour is the collective name of a series of golf video games published by Electronic Arts and later their EA Sports sub-label from 1990 to 1998, when EA began publishing their golf games with the endorsement of Tiger Woods. After Tiger Woods '99 was released, subsequent titles were named Tiger Woods PGA Tour and released yearly.

The series were responsible for several innovations in the genre, such as the now standard three-click swing method, but unlike other games in the EA Sports label, the series were often shadowed by other competitors such as the Jack Nicklaus series, Links series, Microsoft Golf or The Golf Pro.


The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version of PGA Tour 96 presented real 3D courses, which was one of the major achievements in the series.

PGA Tour Golf[edit]

This first game in the series was originally released in 1990 for DOS computers, 1991 for Sega Genesis, Macintosh, SNES, and Commodore Amiga, and 1993 for Sega Master System and Game Gear.

MegaTech awarded the game 93%,[1] and Mega placed it at number 10 in their Top Mega Drive Games of All Time.[2] The Genesis/Mega Drive version features 6 professional golfers as playable or as CPU opponents; Fred Couples, Mark McCumber, Larry Mize, Joey Sindelar, Craig Stadler, Bruce Lietzke.

PGA Tour Golf II[edit]

Released in 1992 for the Genesis/Mega Drive and in 1995 for the Game Gear, PGA Tour Golf II features the courses TPC at Avenel, TPC at Sawgrass, TPC at Southwind, TPC of Scottsdale, TPC at Eagle Trace, and PGA West Stadium. The Game Gear version features 4 professional golfers as playable or as CPU opponents: Paul Azinger, Craig Stadler, Fuzzy Zoeller, and Fred Couples. The Genesis version features an additional 6 professional golfers (for a total of 10): Tommy Armour III, Bruce Lietzke, Mark McCumber, Mark O'Meara, Larry Mize, and Joey Sindelar.

The Mega Drive version knocked Ecco the Dolphin from the top of the charts in the UK.[3] MegaTech gave the game 94% and a Hyper Game award, praising the amount of features and the control method.[4] Reviewing the Game Gear version, GamePro praised the screen layout, controls, and detailed graphics, but criticized the long loading times, weak sound effects, and music.[5]

PGA Tour Golf III[edit]

Released in 1994 exclusively for the Genesis, the game features 11 professional golfers as playable or as CPU opponents: Brad Faxon, Jim Gallagher, Jr., Lee Janzen, Tom Kite, Bruce Lietzke, Davis Love III, Mark O’Meara, Jeff Sluman, Craig Stadler, and Fuzzy Zoeller. The featured courses are TPC at River Highlands, TPC at The Woodlands, TPC at Avenel, TPC at Summerlin, TPC at Sawgrass, TPC at Las Colinas, TPC at Southwind, and TPC of Scottsdale.

GamePro's review stated that "Beautifully polished graphics and game-play refinements enhance the already-awesome action that has put PGA Tour at the top of the leaderboard." They particularly praised the detailed digitized backgrounds and the new Ball Lie window, saying it adds a new layer of complexity to lining up shots.[6]

PGA Tour Golf 486[edit]

Released in 1994 for DOS personal computers, this game's name is a take on Access Software's Links 386.

PGA European Tour[edit]

This installment was originally released in 1994 for DOS, Amiga and Genesis/Mega Drive. It was released for Amiga CD32 and Game Boy in 1995 and SNES and Microsoft Windows in 1996. A 2000 game of the same name for the Nintendo 64 was also released.

PGA Tour 96[edit]

Main article: PGA Tour 96

Released for the Genesis, SNES, Game Gear, Game Boy, 3DO, Saturn, and PlayStation, it has fewer courses and golfers than previous installments. The game features 10 professional golfers as playable or as CPU opponents: Brad Faxon, Lee Janzen, Tom Kite, Bruce Lietzke, Davis Love III, Mark O’Meara, Peter Jacobsen, Jeff Sluman, Craig Stadler, and Fuzzy Zoeller. The featured courses are Spyglass Hill, TPC at Sawgrass, TPC at River Highlands.

PGA Tour Pro[edit]

Released in 1997 for Windows; online play only.

PGA Tour Gold[edit]

Released 1998 for Windows; last title in the series before Tiger Woods' endorsement.


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