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The Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE), alternatively called the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP), is a British teaching qualification for university lecturers and similar professionals.[1][2] The PGCHE is designed to equip holders with the skills needed to provide high-quality teaching and learning.[citation needed] PGCHE courses are usually closely aligned with the Higher Education Academy's Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), with successful completion leading to formal professional recognition as an HEA fellow (FHEA).[citation needed]

The PGCHE, like most UK postgraduate certificates, is an advanced non-degree qualification, taught and assessed at the level of a UK master's-degree.[citation needed] The certificate is typically made up of 60 credits, compared to the 180 required for a full MEd degree.[citation needed] The duration of the programme for new, full-time members of staff is generally up to two years.[citation needed] PGCHE courses do not in themselves equip holders with knowledge of their specialist subject areas,[1] and a university teacher will also have an appropriate educational and experiential background, typically including a PhD.[citation needed]

The PGCHE began to become widespread after the Dearing Report recommended that all university teachers should achieve an appropriate level of professional recognition during the initial stages of their career.[citation needed]

The names PGCHE and PGCAP are used by the Higher Education Academy[1] but there are variations: several UK universities offer the 'Postgraduate Certificates in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education' or variations on the theme.[citation needed] Course content and learning outcomes can vary in detail, though alignment with UKPSF and accreditation by the Higher Education Academy are common themes.[citation needed]

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