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PK4 Media
Type Private Corporation
Industry Advertising Technology
Founded Los Angeles (2009 (2009))
Founders Tom Alexander
Headquarters Los Angeles, United States

PK4 Media is a digital media company based in Los Angeles that delivers highly targeted online advertising and video content across online, tablet and mobile devices. The company achieves this through its Cross-platform technology, patent-pending video technology platform, premium content video library, data tracking engine and a digital ad distribution network of more than 4,000 hand-selected websites.[1]


PK4 Media was founded in late 2009 by Tom Alexander, beginning with no outside investment. The company began as a display advertising network built through direct relationships with publishers. With the rise of video advertising, PK4 Media acquired technology company JSFOUR, which brought in a proprietary, ad-supported video content infrastructure which became the basis for the Bishop™ Video Platform.[2] In November 2014, the company announced the availability of its core technology, XPS™, a proprietary cross-platform technology solution that deploys display and video creative across online, mobile and tablet distribution platforms.[3]

Besides its headquarters in Los Angeles, PK4 Media maintains offices in New York and San Francisco.


In 2014, PK4 Media ranked #38 on Forbes America's Most Promising Companies List.[4] The company also landed the 386th spot on the Inc. 500. [5]


XPS™, the company's core technology, is a proprietary cross-platform technology solution that deploys display and video creative across online, mobile and tablet distribution platforms. It allows PK4 Media to efficiently analyze targeting data, while effectively optimizing campaigns across any screen to find the most relevant users to engage with their client's brands.

Bishop Video Platform is PK4 Media's proprietary syndication technology built for content creators, publishers and advertisers to manage, distribute and monetize quality video content. The Platform consists of a video player, a video content library and a distribution network of 1,000 "premium" websites. The video player is built in HTML5 and Flash, enabling playback of video content and associated advertising on mobile and tablet devices, which generate views from millions of unique users per month. Bishop’s revenue share model addresses compensation inequities to help content creators, publishers and advertisers proportionately benefit from each video view online.[6]

By developing and maintaining its own websites, PK4 Media is able to offer custom placement opportunities for brand advertisers. Some of PK4 Media’s lifestyle and health website properties include and The company offers various fee structures in ad campaigns for its wholly owned and operated websites, including Cost Per Impression (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost Per Completed View (CPCV).


PK4 Media’s business model is centered on gathering, distributing and developing premium video content, recognizing the importance of a pipeline of high quality videos in online advertising.[7] The Bishop Video Platform includes a library where content creators can upload their premium videos for publishers to place on their websites along with targeted pre-, mid- or post-roll ads, with revenue from those ads shared between the two. Content creators receive free hosting with no server fees and free video encoding into Bishop’s acceptable formats, including HTML5-compatible formats for playback on mobile devices.

In addition to the more than 1,000 hand-selected websites available on the Bishop Video Platform, PK4 Media has taken an active role in content creation through owned and operated web properties:

Web Property Content Description is focused on helping users improve their overall well-being, health and happiness through information on healthy foods, workout routines and other related activities. The editorial team consists of health and lifestyle professionals with specialties such as kinesiology, medical science, psychology and nutrition, fitness and healthy cooking. offers readers ideas, inspiration and instruction to create healthy meals inside the home. Culinary professionals and foodies from New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle create videos and articles that include recipes, mixology, regional ingredient trends, restaurant reviews, tips and tools. The site also features exclusive videos by former MasterChef contestant and food personality Becky Reams in the Foodie Next Door weekly web series.[8]


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