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Overhead view of PLASA 2013.jpg
View of PLASA 2013 in ExCeL
Status Active
Genre Entertainments Industry Technical Equipment
Venue ExCeL
Location(s) London
Country United Kingdom
Inaugurated 1977
Attendance 10,948 (2013)[1]
Organized by PLASA

The PLASA Show is an annual trade show hosted at ExCeL London and organised by the Professional Lighting and Sound Association. The show was formerly held at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. The show draws an international attendance of exhibitors and visitors in the lighting, audio and related technologies sector of the entertainments industry.


The show originally started in 1977[2] at the Bloomsbury Crest, London, launching under the name of Discotek 77. In 1982, whilst still at the Bloomsbury Crest, it was renamed the BADEM Light & Sound Show to mirror the name of the fledgling trade association that had been set up for the sector - the British Association of Discotheque Equipment Manufacturers.[citation needed]

BADEM was subsequently renamed the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA) and thus in 1984, the show became the PLASA Light and Sound Show. In 1985, it relocated to the Novotel in Hammersmith, then to Olympia 2 in 1988, where it stayed until 1992 before transferring to the larger Earls Court 2.[citation needed]

Photograph of Earls Court 1 at the 2006 PLASA trade show

It made the move from Earls Court 2 to Earls Court 1 in 1996 and in 2007 opened the doors back to Earls Court 2 and occupied both halls.[citation needed] In 2013 the show moved to the ExCeL exhibition centre.[3]

For much of its history, the show has been run by an external events company, however in 2007, PLASA took the management of the event in-house and launched PLASA Events Ltd.[4]

Attendance statistics[edit]

The show draws an international attendance of exhibitors and visitors in the lighting, audio and related technologies sector of the entertainments industry.[5] The first show in ExCeL was held between 6-9 October 2013, approximately 1 month later than the September dates the show previously occupied at Earl's Court.[3]

In 2013, the attendance was initially reported by PLASA as being over 11,000 with over 2,200 international visitors.[6] The ABC audited attendance for 2013 was 13,512, of which 2,564 were exhibitor attendees and 10,948 were visitors.[1] This figure represents a drop of just over 3% in total visitor attendance compared to the final show held in Earl's Court.

In 2012, PLASA's audited exhibitor attendance was 2,774 and visitor attendance was 11,291, including international visitors.[7][2]

In 2011, PLASA's ABC audited exhibitor attendance was 3,243 and visitor attendance was 11,959.[8]

In 2010, PLASA's ABC audited attendance was 12,078.[9]

In 2007, PLASA's ABC audited attendance was 12,300, of which 28% were from outside the UK.[10]

Visitor and exhibitor attendance chart[edit]

  •   Exhibitor Attendance
  •   Visitor Attendance

Chart sources.[2][1][9][8]

Visitor only attendance chart[edit]


Chart sources.[2][1][9][8]

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