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PLD Publishers
Industry Publishing
Founded in 1947 Lahore
Founder (Late) Malik Mir Muhammad
Key people

Muhammad Azhar Saeed, (Partner)

Muhammad Zubair Saeed, (Partner)
Products Law Reports, Law Digests, Law Journals, Student Edition Law Text Books
Leading Law Digests of Pakistan
Leading Law Reports of Pakistan

PLD Publishers is a publishing house based in Lahore, Pakistan. It was founded in 1947 by the late Malik Mir Muhammad. It publishes the leading law journals of Pakistan, including PLD, SCMR, CLC, PCrLJ, PTD, PLC, CLD, MLD, YLR and the GBLR.

The most comprehensive law book is the Pakistan Law Decisions (PLD), which contains judgments from the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the various provincial High Courts, the Service, Professional and Election Tribunals as well as the superior courts of territories such as Azad Kashmir. PLD is augmented by other books, most notably the Yearly Law Reports (YLR), and the Monthly Law Digest (MLD). The Supreme Court also has its own law book, the Supreme Court Monthly Review (SCMR), which lists more recent cases heard by the appex Court.

In addition, there are books dealing with specific areas of law, such as the Civil Law Cases (CLC), which as the name suggests deals with Civil cases; the Pakistan Criminal Law Journal (PCrLJ), which reports Criminal Cases; and the Pakistan Tax Decisions (PTD), which contains cases and appeals of different Tax and Customs tribunals.

Using the finest technological innovations, PLD Publishers has pioneered legal information databases by providing easy access to law in the electronic medium, which has appeared in the form of The website is one stop resource for Federal and Provincial statutes, rules and case law relating to Pakistan. The website is one of its kind and contains all the Journals of PLD Publishers i.e. PLD, SCMR, CLC, PCrLJ, PTD, PLC, CLD, MLD & YLR. Moreover there are thousands of legal articles, essays and other legal documents available on the website.

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