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Industry Business Process Management
Founded 1996
Headquarters Watford, United Kingdom
Products Sequence, SCE

PNMsoft is a software company which develops, markets, and supports BPM (Business Process Management) software.[1] Its product, Sequence Kinetics, is a BPM software suite which integrates with Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, adding to them the capability to design and manage business processes.[2] PNMsoft is a multinational company, with offices and business partners selling its product worldwide. PNMsoft customers are in the public sector, financial services, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, travel, and pharmaceutical industries.[3]


PNMsoft was founded in 1996 by CEO Gal Horvitz, an Israeli entrepreneur and Technion (Israel Institute Of Technology) graduate. Soon afterward, two other Technion graduates, Adi Hofstein and Sagiv Ben Shaul, joined PNMsoft as co-founders.[4][5] In 2007, after a USD 3.3 million investment from Goldrock Capital,[6] the company opened sales and marketing headquarters in London UK, and expanded its global market base. At the 2008 Microsoft Office Developer Conference, PNMsoft was recognized by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in an address on BPM.[7] PNMsoft was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in BPM space for 2010[8] and was placed on Gartner's iBPMS Magic Quadrant for 2014.[9]


PNMsoft's Sequence is a Business Process Management Suite which provides a graphical flowchart interface that enables users to model, execute and monitor business processes and workflows. Business processes are broken down into discrete workflow units, representing human, server, database and web-based activities. Sequence is a web-based platform with a .NET codebase, enabling developers to design end-user forms for multiple platforms in a web-based .NET editor. It uses an MS SQL Server to store and access data. Sequence is most commonly hosted in a SharePoint environment and can be integrated with ERP and CRM systems. Dashboards and reporting tools are included for management-level monitoring and decision-making. PNMsoft describes Sequence as an Intelligent BPM solution which can support the requirements of mid-sized to large organizations with an interface that can be operated by both non-technical users and advanced .NET developers.[10]

In 2013, PNMsoft introduced a version of its product which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, called PNMsoft SCE (Sequence CRM Edition). This edition includes a packaged solution which can be imported into Dynamics CRM, enabling processes designers to build workflows for CRM using Sequence's visual modeling interface. PNMsoft SCE also includes features for Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint and ERP systems.[11]

Sequence is built using HotChange technology. PNMsoft describes HotChange as a technology which enables IT personnel to rapidly change processes while they continue to run in production, while maintaining process lifecycle governance and control. HotChange encompasses features such as multiple version control, multiple platforms, and integration capabilities.[12]

In September 2012, coinciding with the release of Sequence Kinetics (a new version of Sequence), PNMsoft introduced several features, including Mobile BPM, Social features, and a UX Studio for form design.[13]

PNMsoft describes Sequence Kinetics as an Intelligent BPM Suite.[14] Intelligent BPM is a concept introduced by Gartner, to describe BPM suites which include features such as analytics which alter process flow, mobile operation, social collaboration and cloud deployment.[15]

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