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POS, Pos or PoS may refer to:


  • Point of sale, the location where a business transaction occurs, such as a checkout counter

Health and medicine[edit]


  • Part of speech, the role that a word or phrase plays in a sentence
  • Piece of shit, a profanity saying something is of poor quality or broken, can also refer to a contemptible person
  • POS, Sayula Popoluca (ISO 639-3 language code), an indigenous language spoken in Veracruz, Mexico


  • P.O.S, Stefon Alexander (b. 1981), a musical artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Pain of Salvation, a Swedish progressive metal band
  • Paavo Siljamäki, a Finnish trance musician
  • Posdnuos, Kelvin Mercer (b. 1969), a hip-hop artist from New York, best known for being one-third of the hip hop trio De La Soul




  • P/OS, the Professional Operating System sold by Digital Equipment Corporation for their PRO-300, PRO-350, and PRO-380 PDP-11-compatible line of personal computers
  • Packet over SONET/SDH, a communications protocol for transferring packets over fiber networks
  • Perq Operating System, operating system for PERQ workstations
  • Proceedings of Science, an electronic publishing service for proceedings of scientific conferences


Other uses[edit]