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PP, pp, Pp, or Pp may refer to:


Computers and computing[edit]

  • P&P, plug and play, a type of peripheral device used in computing
  • PP-format, a Met Office proprietary file format for distributing climate data



  • Papa (Latin for Pope), when written "PP."
  • Parish priest, written "P.P."

Science, medicine and engineering[edit]


  • As either pp or p.p., standing for per procurationem, from the Latin by agency - used when signing on behalf of someone else
  • Pages, from Latin paginae, see acronyms
  • Past participle, a form of a verb which is used in a sentence to modify a noun or noun phrase, often represented by "pp." in dictionaries
  • Prepositional phrase, in grammar
  • Pianissimo (very quiet), a term of musical dynamics
  • Post-processing, in photography
  • Walther PP, a semi-automatic pistol
  • PayPal, an international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

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