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The PRIMEHPC FX10 is a supercomputer by Fujitsu.[1][2]

The PRIMEHPC FX10 is a 20 petaflop system that is a follow up to the K computer and uses the same six-dimensional torus interconnect, and still only one SPARC processor per node.[3]


  • Node specifications:[4]
    • Theoretical peak performance: 236.5 Gigaflops
    • Processor: SPARC64 IXfx (1.848 GHz / 16-core)×1
    • Memory capacity: 32GB, 64GB
    • Memory bandwidth: 85 GB/s
    • Interconnect link bandwidth: 5 GB/s x2 (bi-directional)
  • System specifications:
  • Operating System:
    • Linux-based enhanced Operating System

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