PSR J2007+2722

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PSR J2007+2722

Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Vulpecula
Right ascension 20h 07m 15.77s
Declination +27° 22′ 47.7″
Spectral type Pulsar
U−B color index ?
B−V color index ?
Variable type None
Distance 17,000 ly
(5,300 pc)
Mass M
Radius R
Luminosity L
Temperature K
Metallicity ?
Rotation ?
Age ~500 kyr approx. years
Other designations

PSR J2007+2722 is a 40.8-hertz isolated pulsar in the Vulpecula constellation, 5.3 kpc (17,000 ly) distant in the plane of the Galaxy, and is most likely a disrupted recycled pulsar (DRP).

J2007+2722 was found on data taken by the Arecibo radio telescope in February 2007, and analyzed by volunteers Chris and Helen Colvin (Ames, Iowa, USA) and Daniel Gebhardt (Universitaet Mainz, Musikinformatik, Germany) via the distributed computing project Einstein@Home.[1]


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