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PS Publishing is a Hornsea based publisher founded in 1999 by Peter Crowther. They specialise in novella length fiction (20,000 to 40,000 words) from the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres. It has quickly become established as one of Britain's premier small presses. It has won the British Fantasy Award for Best Small Press almost every year since 2001.

Since June 2004 it has also published the quarterly magazine Postscripts. Since 2012, PS is the publisher of the Exotic Gothic series, edited by Danel Olson.

Publishing history[edit]









Table of Contents[edit]

  • Pickman's Other Model - Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • Desert Dreams - Donald R. Burleson
  • Engravings - Joseph S. Pulver
  • Copping Squid - Michael Shea
  • Passing Spirits - Sam Gafford
  • The Broadsword - Laird Barron
  • Usurped - William Browning Spencer
  • Denker's Book - Davd J. Schow
  • Inhabitants of Wraithwood - W.H. Pugmire
  • The Dome - Mollie L. Burleson
  • Rotterdam - Nicholas Royle
  • Tempting Providence - Jonathan Thomas
  • Howling in the Dark - Darrell Schweitzer
  • The Truth About Pickman - Brian Stableford
  • Tunnells - Philip Haldeman
  • The Correspondence of Cameron Thaddeus Nash - Annotated by Ramsey Campbell
  • Violence, Child of Trust - Michael Cisco
  • Lesser Demons - Norman Partridge
  • An Eldritch Matter - Adam Niswander
  • Substitutions - Michael Marshall Smith
  • Susie - Jason Van Hollander


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