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Coordinates: 40°33′03″N 74°25′23″W / 40.550722°N 74.423071°W / 40.550722; -74.423071

PTC Therapeutics, Inc.
Type Public
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Headquarters South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States

PTC Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development of small molecule, orally administered treatments for orphan diseases.[1] As of September 2013, PTC was headquartered at 100 Corporate Court, South Plainfield, New Jersey.[2]:cover

They are the company responsible for the development of Ataluren.[3]

As of September 2009, PTC has entered into an agreement with Roche for the development of orally bioavailable small molecules for central nervous system disease targets. Roche said use of PTC's GEMS technology for the identification of small molecules "will enable Roche to address important disease mechanisms that were intractable with conventional approaches." [4]


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