PT Sans

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PT Sans
Category Sans-serif
Classification Grotesque/humanist sans-serif
Designer(s) Aleksandra Korolkova, Olga Umpelova, Vladimir Yefimov
Commissioned by Rospechat
Foundry ParaType
Date created 2009
Date released 13 January 2010[1]
License SIL Open Font License or ParaType Free Font License

PT Sans (also known as ПТ Санс in Russian) is a free/libre sans-serif font created by ParaType in 2009 and updated several times since then. It was designed to support all the different variations of Cyrillic script used by the minority languages of Russia.[1] Its development was sponsored by Rospechat.[2] Originally, the font was released under ParaType's own Free Font License. In February 2010, the foundry released an alternative PT Sans package under the English-language SIL Open Font License.[3]


The official [4] ruble symbol in PT Sans

PT Sans includes Latin and Cyrillic characters and covers almost all minority languages of the Russian Federation. It comes in 3 major variations: normal, narrow, and caption (a wider version of the typeface, designed for legibility at small font sizes and on outdoor signs). The normal variation is available in roman, italic, bold, and bold italic, while narrow and caption are only available in roman and bold.

The fonts include the slashed-Р ruble symbol (before it became official in December 2013) at the U+20B9…U+20CF code points.

Operating system support[edit]

PT Sans is included in the Fedora Linux package repository since February 2010,[5] in the Gentoo Linux repository since January 2011.,[6] and in OS X since Lion.[7]


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