PWM (window manager)

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Developer(s) Tuomo Valkonen
Stable release pwm-20070720 / July 20, 2007; 7 years ago (2007-07-20)
Development status Historical
Operating system Unix-like
Type Window Manager
License Clarified Artistic License or GPL

In Unix computing, PWM is a lightweight X11 window manager, and the first to feature tabbed windows at the window manager level[citation needed]. The first version was released to the public in the spring 2000 under the Artistic License. PWM is no longer actively developed by itself, but has been superseded by Ion, by the same author, Tuomo Valkonen. The once unique tabbing feature has by now been reproduced in many new window managers, including KWin, Fluxbox, PekWM, wmii, and Ion.

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