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PaR Systems, Inc
Private Small Business
Industry Systems Engineering
Predecessor General Mills
Founded Shoreview, Minnesota, United States (1961 (1961))
Headquarters Shoreview, Minnesota, United States
Area served
Key people
Mark Wrightsman, CEO
Charles Chadwell, Chairman[1]
Products Robotic gantries, custom-solution cranes, CNC waterjet cutters, robot controllers, robotic inspection systems, material handling systems
Revenue US$17.5 Million [2]
Owner MML Captial Partners [3]
Number of employees
550 [3]
Subsidiaries Ederer LLC
Jered LLC
SDI Lasers Ltd
Oak River Technology
PaR Marine Services, LLC

PaR Systems, Inc, is a systems engineering firm headquartered in Shoreview, Minnesota, specializing in automated manufacturing and material handling equipment.[4] subsidiaries include Jered LLC,[5] specializing in marine equipment and cargo handling systems; Ederer LLC,[6] specializing in custom and specialty cranes and associated equipment; CAMotion, specializing in advanced motion control and Cartesian palletizers [7] and Oak River Technology, specializing in automated manufacturing, testing equipment and medical device manufacturing equipment.[8] PaR systems specializes in engineering equipment for the nuclear field, designing equipment for nuclear industry hot cells, process facilities and decommissioning applications in Japan, UK and United States.[9] In the aerospace industry, PaR specializes in precision cutting, trimming, drilling, coating, scanning and non-destructive testing equipment [10] PaR Systems has quality certifications in ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485 and ASME NQA-1 compliant. [11]


PaR Systems was spun off from General Mills in 1961 under the name Programmed and Remote Systems Corporation.[12]


Defense Contracts[edit]

Jered was the primary contractor for the aircraft elevators on the Nimitz-class Aircraft Carriers, Tarawa-class, Wasp-class, and half of the Iwo Jima-class ships for the US navy, as well as the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and the Spanish aircraft carrier Príncipe de Asturias.[13][14][15]

Main Crane system[edit]

PaR Systems was awarded the subcontract for the Main Crane System (MCS) for the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement. the system consists of two overhead bridge cranes, which support two 50-ton trolley hoists, and a Mobile Tool Platform (MTP). The MTP is suspended from a third trolley using a wire rope tensile truss with three paired winches, giving the platform six degrees of freedom.[16] the MTP is equipped with a wide variety of tools, including a manipulator arm, that will be needed to dismantle the Sarcaphagus and reactor building so that the radioactive material can be moved to more stable containment. The bridges are 96 meters (315 feet) long, and run on a 150 meters (490 feet) long runway track with six rails. There are shielded garages along the track to allow tools to be exchanged to and from the bridges for maintenance and different operations. Engineering was done by PaR Systems, and manufactured by PaR Systems and PaR Marine. [17][18]


PaR Systems has several standardized product lines, in addition to custom solutions.

CNC manufacturing[edit]

PaR Systems' line of 5-axis waterjet cutters is sold under the Vector brand. they can be used to cut from three-dimensional objects.[19][20]

Palletizing and packaging[edit]

Hazardous environment[edit]

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