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Pablo Abeita Governor of Isleta
Pablo Abeita

Pablo Abeita (1871–1940) was the governor of Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico, United States, during the long serving period of his long term friend, Anton Docher, "The Padre of Isleta".[1][2] Pablo was educated in the Jesuit School at Old Albuquerque, then in the St Michael's College in Santa Fe. After ten years of formal education, he worked first as a typesetter at the Albuquerque newspaper. Then he operated a family business in Isleta.

In 1889, at the age of nineteen, he has been appointed to serve the All Indian Pueblo Council. In 1913 he would be appointed as a judge and elected Secretary of the All Indian Pueblo Council.[3]

On October 26, 1919, he was decorated of the Order of Leopold (Belgium) by Albert Premier, king of the Belgians, on visit in the village of Isleta with his wife Elisabeth and the prince Leopold.[4]

The KiMo Theater, located at 419-423 Central Avenue in Downtown Albuquerque was built in 1927. The name "KiMo" (literally translated as "mountain lion" in Tewa was supplied by Pablo Abeita.[5] He won $50 for his suggestion...

Pablo Abeita was a man who might well have become a governor of New Mexico. In another era, his experience and abilities could have earned him the highest place in the leadership of the state[6]

When Charles Fletcher Lummis lived in Isleta, he lived in Pablo Abeita's house.[7]


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