Pablo Reinoso (designer)

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Pablo Reinoso
Pablo Reinoso2.jpg
Pablo Reinoso
Born 1955
Buenos Aires
Nationality Argentine-French
Known for Installations
Furniture design
Notable work Spaghetti benches

Pablo Reinoso (born 1955, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine-French artist and designer who has been working in Paris, France since 1979.


Pablo Reinoso was introduced to carpentry by his French grandfather. He made his first chair when he was 7-years old.[1] He went on to study Architecture in University of Buenos Aires and began a career in communications and design.[2]

Reinoso has been working in Paris, France since 1979. He became known for his public installations and sculptures, created from traditional materials such as metal, stone and wood.[3] After 1995 he began to introduce a wider range of materials, such as cloth in his installations Respirantes, Persistantes and Contractantes. In the late 1990s he broadened his work in a commercial direction to include the design of products, for example perfume bottles. In 2003 he designed a new cup for the French Ligue de Football Professionnel.[3]

In 2012 Reinoso had his first Asian exhibition, at the Art Plural Gallery in Singapore, showing 15 sculptures.[2]

The critic Patricia Avena Navarro described Reinoso as a "sensible artist, his work is informed by a complex sphere of relations that include the biographic due to their link with art history and the world of psychoanalysis, which announce the absolute triumph of the image."[3] Pablo Reinoso's works of Art and Design are presented in international exhibition such as the Biennale of Venice, Art Basel, Miami Basel,FIAC,Paris and ARCO, Madrid

In May 2013, as part of Le French May, Pablo Reinoso and Art Plural Gallery jointly presented an exhibition at One Central and Mandarin Oriental, Macau.The exhibition titled 'Living Sculptures' features eleven of the designer's artworks.[4][5]

Reinoso lives in Malakoff, a suburb of Paris.[6]

Notable work[edit]

  • Respirantes (1996), Persistantes (1998)[6][7] and Contractantes - cloth art installations
  • Rue Payenne Apartment, Paris - architectural renovation[8]


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