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Pablo Soto (born 1979 in Spain), in 2001 he developed the MANOLITO protocol, Blubster and Piolet - two peer-to-peer file-sharing servents.

He apparently left the MP2P Community in 2004, subsequently Blubster and Piolet slowly began to lose their user base. By the end of 2004, when discussions[1] on were focused on whether or not Pablo had left the community for financial reasons, it was known that Pablo has a rare form of muscular dystrophy[2][3] and his progressive weakness was an obstacle.[4]

In May 2006, Pablo released Manolito,[5] a third clone application, and new versions of Blubster and Piolet.

Pablo now puts his energy on Omemo,[6][7] an open source peer-to-peer software for storage space sharing.

In June 2008, Warner Music, Universal Music, Emi, Sony and the Spanish association PROMUSICAE filed a lawsuit against his company MP2P Technologies, demanding 13 million euros for unfair competition.[8]

In December 2011, he was acquitted about the charges of copyright violation.[9]

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