Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
Pac-Man - The Adventure Begins promo.png
Promotional concept art featuring Pac-Man, Spiral, and Cylindria
Genre Action/Adventure
Science Fantasy
Created by Namco
Tōru Iwatani
Masaya Nakamura
Developed by Tom Ruegger
Paul Rugg
Avi Arad
Written by Tom Ruegger
Paul Rugg
Ken Pontac
Sean Catherine Derek
Glenn Leopold
Dennis Haley
Marci Brown
Jymn Magon
Directed by Moto Sakakibara
Voices of Erin Mathews
Andrea Libman
Samuel Vincent
Ian James Corlett
Lee Tockar
Ashleigh Ball
Brian Drummond
Theme music composer William Kevin Anderson
(includes bits of original theme by Toshio Kai)
Lyrics by Avi Arad
Opening theme "Pac is Back", performed by Gabriel Brown (song)[1] and Zachary Lobertini (rap)[2]
Composer(s) Tetsuya Takahashi
Naoyuki Horiko
Shogo Ohnishi
Reiji Kitazato
Masafumi Okubo
Kuniyuki Morohashi
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (51 episodes aired) (Japan Only) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Avi Arad
Rick Ungar
Shukuo Ishikawa
Shin Unozawa
Junichi Yanagihara
Ken Iyadomi
Producer(s) Alexandra Bland
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) 41 Entertainment (USA)
Arad Productions Inc. (Canada)
Bandai Namco Games (Japan)
OLM Digital Inc.
Sprite Animation Studios
Distributor 41 Entertainment (International)
Bandai Namco Games/Bandai Visual (Japan)
Televix International (Latin America)
Original channel Disney XD
Disney XD Canada
Picture format NTSC
Audio format Stereophonic
First shown in United States
Original run June 15, 2013 (2013-06-15)[3] – present
Preceded by Pac-Man
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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, also known as Pac-World (Japanese: パックワールド Hepburn: Pakkuwārudo?), is a Japanese/Canadian/American computer-animated television series featuring Namco's classic videogame character Pac-Man. It is produced by 41 Entertainment, Arad Productions Inc. and Bandai Namco Games for Tokyo MX (stereo version), BS11 (stereo version) and Disney XD (bilingual version).

The series first aired on June 15, 2013 on Disney XD in the US, on March 17, 2014 on Disney XD in Canada and premiered on April 5, 2014 on Tokyo MX and BS11 in Japan, and is being produced by Avi Arad.[4] The series is rated TV-Y7. A video game based on the series was released on October 29, 2013.


On the planet Pac-World, Pac-Man[5] and his friends Cylindria and Spiral help to protect Pacopolis from the threat of Ghosts after the seal that locked up the Netherworld was accidentally opened. Pac-Man also has four friendly ghosts that surrendered and vowed to help him along his voyage (in exchange for being restored to the living world). For the whole series, Pac-Man vows to stop Betrayus and the ghosts (or any other bad guy) from taking over Pac-World while searching for his long-lost parents.


Main characters[edit]

  • Pac (voiced by Erin Mathews[6]) - Pac-Man is the title character of the series. He is the last of the yellow Pac-People. His father, Zac helped in the war against Commander Betrayus. Pac is also an orphan that just found out that it's his destiny to defeat the Ghosts and send Betrayus back to the Netherworld permanently. He feels lonely because he's the only Yellow One in Pac-World and he misses his parents very badly and is determined to find them no matter what, but sometimes gets too carried away when doing so since this would lead him to bigger problems or would usually leave him less time with his friends. He's guilt-ridden because he unleashed the ghost by accident. However, the president and his friends tell Pac to get over his guilt and protect Pac-World from evil. He can eat ghosts just like the legendary Yellow Ones did back in ancient times and also has a giant appetite that may sometimes lead to trouble since he can eat anything, even things that aren't food. With the power of the berries (which are similar to Power Pellets) from the Tree of Life, he gains helpful abilities like withstanding the Netherworld's environment with the Power Berry, being able to fly upon eating the Flying Berry, breathe ice with the Minty Ice Berry, breathe fire with the Minty Fiery Berry, become cybernetic with a drill and magnet upon eating the Titanium Berry, gain a chameleon-like body upon eating the Chameleon Berry, etc.. Pac-Man is also the strongest and fastest Pac alive. With the help of his friends, Sir Cumference and the Ghost Gang (Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde), he's ready for action. Pac vows to stop Betrayus and the ghosts. Pac-Man has had a temporary truce with Betrayus like when it came to the Ghosteroid and the Pointy Heads.
  • Cylindria (voiced by Andrea Libman[6]) - Cylindria, who goes by "Cyli", is a pink Pac-Girl with glasses. She's a bit of a tomboy. Cylindria is the brains of the team and she'll do anything to help her best friends Pacster and Spiral. She has a rivalry with Pinky, who has a crush on him and thinks Cyli also has a crush on Pac and is unaware that they're just friends, but Cyli might have a crush on Pac, which continues to remain unknown. She also has trouble trusting ghosts.
  • Spiral (voiced by Sam Vincent[6]) - Spiral is a big red Pac-Boy and Pac's best friend and roommate. He and Pac share the same crazy personality. Spiral loves to blow things up and he's interested in the history of Pac-World. He and Inky have the same observant-brainy trait, but Spiral isn't as serious. He calls Pac by the nickname "Pacster".
  • Ghost Gang - A family of four from the original arcade game. Though they live in the Netherworld and are ruled by Lord Betrayus, they pretend to be dumb and useless to Betrayus, but they are actually good-natured spirits and secretly help Pac-Man in hopes that they can be redeemed enough to live again.
    • Blinky (voiced by Ian James Corlett[6]) - The red ghost and the oldest of the Ghost Gang Family. He's the default leader of the group, which differs greatly from his 1980s scaredy-cat counterpart. Also, he's crafty and can't always be trusted. He might act mean, but he deeply cares about his friends; however, he might only be helping the Pacs because he likes to stay on the winning team. In the episode "The Pac Be with You," it is revealed that he's a Pac-Fu master.
    • Inky (voiced by Lee Tockar[6]) - The blue ghost and the second oldest in the Ghost Gang Family. He and Blinky are close pals, though they fight sometimes. Although he is the smartest and most sarcastic of the four, he is easily distracted and lacks focus most of the time, with Blinky saying that Inky can "get lost in a thought". He has a habit of snorting when he laughs sometimes. In the episode "Invasion of the Pointy Heads," he revealed that he can multiply.
    • Pinky (voiced by Ashleigh Ball[6]) - The pink ghost, the only female and the second youngest in the Ghost Gang Family. She has a huge crush on Pac-Man (like in Pac-Man World 2). She has a rivalry with Cylindria because they got off on the wrong foot and she thinks Cyli might also have a crush on Pac-Man and doesn't know that they're just friends. Despite the gang's fear of Betrayus, Pinky is often the sole member of the gang who is willing to go out of her way to help Pac in the more risky situations. She is also the first to side with Pac even when the odds are more in Betrayus' favor. In the episode "Stand By Your Pac-Man," she revealed that she can transform into a pink cyclops ghost. She often argues with her brothers, but loves them nonetheless.
    • Clyde (voiced by Brian Drummond[6]) - The orange ghost. He is the largest but youngest in the family. He's the most caring member of the group, and although he often seems like a dim-witted ditz, he often comes up with pearls of great wisdom. Clyde has a soft side for soft and sweet things like Fuzbitz. Blinky gets annoyed with this. Clyde and Pac-Man also share the same characteristics when it comes to eating. Clyde is the peacekeeper of the Ghost Gang as well as the moral compass in helping Pac and his friends, although he is not above clanging heads together when necessary as Inky and Blinky have discovered. He can also speak nine languages, including monster and he can split into two halves just for fun or whenever he's unhappy.
  • Lord Betrayus Spheros (voiced by Sam Vincent[6]) - The Lord of the Ghosts and the Netherworld who serves as one of the primary antagonists of the series. He is also President Spheros' little brother and the son of Rotunda even when he was still a Pac-Person. He really hates his older brother. Back when he was a commander, Betrayus once led a massive revolt against Pac-World in a plot to take over Pac-World (why he did this was never explained but it may be because of his terrible childhood). During this revolt and despite the fact that he had Ghosts serving him and the fact that he was well-armed, he was defeated. As punishment for his crimes, he was unusually stripped of his corporeal form (his body) and then he was banished to the Netherworld. Since then, he has been waiting and plotting for the day when he can gain steal the Tree of Life and obtain the Repository so that he can regain his corporal form. He is the most powerful fire ghost with his fiery claw hands. Unlike the other ghosts, he's white with red eyes. Betrayus makes all his Ghosts and Monsters of the Netherworld do all the hard work while he watches the action from his TV. Betrayus has vowed to defeat Pac while plotting to steal the Power Berries. Betrayus has a temporary truce with Pac-Man like when it came to the Ghosteroid and the Pac-Aliens.


  • President Stratos Spheros (voiced by Sam Vincent[6]) - Stratos Spheros is the President of Pac-World, the son of Rotunda, and the big brother of Betrayus. All he wants is for Pac-Man and his friends to behave and stop his evil brother. He's easily annoyed with his security and staff constantly messing up and jumping on him for protection. He is a good friend to Pac-Man's parents and also really hates his younger brother.
  • Sir Cumference (voiced by Ian James Corlett) - The goofy scientist who has personally met Pac's father and mother. Sir Cumference has crazy inventions that has helped Pac-Man and his friends on occasion. Sir C is in charge of the repository and knows the Tree of Life. He has a rivalry with Dr. Buttocks and is also a friend of Pac's parents. In the episode "Night of the Were-Pac," he is also revealed to be a detective.
  • Skeebo (voiced by Matt Hill[6]) - A blue pompous and foolish jock that constantly picks on Pac-Man for fun. He used to be Cylindria's boyfriend until he was too scared to save her from a Cyclops Ghost and she ends up being rescued by Pac. He is always very jealous of Pac saving the day. He hates the color yellow, but ironically, he is blonde. He once had his mouth removed. What he lacks in people skills, he makes up for with a very beautiful tenor singing voice that makes people start crying in sadness and attracts all kinds of birds.
  • Spheria Suprema (voiced by Ashleigh Ball) - An orange Pac-Person who happens to be Pac-Man's aunt. She is the Pac-Pong champ where she had once defeated Betrayus sometime before he led his revolt against Pac-World and is admired by Cyli. She has a Pac-Dog named Uggles.
  • Mr. Strictler (voiced by Mark Oliver) - A light blue driver's ed teacher and authority figure with a stubborn personality who only appears in "Driver's Pac." He is Braces' father. Mr. Strictler would often fail the least worthy of his students with his own daughter being one of them. When it came to Pac-Man, Mr. Strictler started writing down Pac-Man's driving violations up to the point where he was unknowingly dragged into Pac-Man's mission in the Netherworld to stop Dr. Buttocks from using a drill to bring Pacopolis into the Netherworld. Afterwards, Spheria finally forced him to be nice and reasonable. While he doesn't give Pac his license, Mr. Strictler allows him to take the test again. He also made a cameo appearance in "Cosmic Contest".
  • Braces Strictler (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) - Pac-Man's classmate and the daughter of Mr. Strictler. She is a pink Pac-Girl like Cylindria, but with a different hairstyle. She was nameless in the first 14 episodes of the show. Her name was revealed in "Driver's Pac" on a driver's card. Braces spoke a few times in some episodes.
  • O'Drool - The Secretary of Security who first appeared in "Betrayus Turns Up The Heat." He is quite mean and blames Sir C for the cause of the heat which was actually made by Dr. Buttocks. After Dr. Buttocks' plot was thwarted by Pac-Man, he was fired by President Spheros for his arrogance and was taken away by the security. He later made cameo appearances in "Invasion of the Pointy Heads" and a few other episodes in the second season.
  • Kingpin Obtuse (voiced by Lee Tockar) - A dark green crime lord of Pac-World's criminal underworld. He was paid by Lord Betrayus where he tricked Skeebo into stealing Pac-Man's Super Power Berries.
  • Rotunda (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) - A Trigger-Happy Elder who is the mother of both Stratos and Betrayus. Rotunda idolizes Pac-Man and decides to become his grandmother much to the dismay of her two sons. Betrayus possessed her and used her body to him from being found out and had the President hypnotized into a Kindergardener Lunatic which would work out to his attempt to get the repository with original body. This backfired when they took the wrong direction to the repository area by the disillusioned Stratos. When Rotunda was back to herself, she strictly sends Betrayus back to his current home in the Netherworld. Rotunda also made a cameo appearance in "Cosmic Contest".
  • The Pacinator (voiced by Ian James Corlett[7] impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger) - A villainous Pac-Person that was responsible for freezing and killing most of the Yellow Ones. He made his first appearance in "Stand By Your Pac-Man" as well as making a cameo appearance in "Shadow of the Were-Pac" as a party guest. Pac-Man gets personal with him because of what he did with the other Yellow Ones. The Pacinator was hired to do this by a villain he thinks is more dangerous than Betrayus. It was presumed that he was hired by Apex.
  • Do-Ug (voiced by Gabe Khouth) - A Neander-Pac kid who first appeared in "Cave Pac-Man." One of Dr. Buttocks' plots ended up thawing Do-Ug from the ice that he was frozen in He has a crush on Cylindria and is revealed to be an orphan. Due to Spiral's idiotic and careless antics, Do-Ug was hunted by several scientists. Luckily Pac and his friends managed to take him back to his home and timeline where the Pac-a-Chini was stolen. When they found the tribe's village, they tried to ask Do-ug to get it back. However, Do-ug admits that he is only a simple cave boy with no role in the tribe as such he is unable to do anything. After Pac-Man fought off a pack of Pacasaurs using his fire berry, the tribe decides to give the trio back the Pac-a-Chini. Before leaving, Pac-Man gives Do-ug the gift of fire and declares him "Keeper of the Flame", thus giving Do-ug a role within the tribe and becomes the first Neander-Pac to wield fire. The group then bids farewell to Do-ug before heading back to their own time.
  • Danny Vaincori (voiced by Kyle Rideout) - The movie director who first appears in "Pac-Mania." He plans to create a TV show about Pac and his friends using look-alikes of them, but goes too far and made Pac and his friends look like fools and later he gets really annoyed when Pac accidentally ruins his movie sets when he mistakens a cyclops ghost prop for a real cyclops ghost. He was later possessed as part of Betrayus's plan to use his TV show as a cover-up to sneak into Pac-World and steal the Tree of Life using costumes and props as disguises (not counting the look-alikes of Pac and his friends).


  • Butt-ler (voiced by Brian Drummond) - Betrayus' servant and butler. He is a purple Ghost with a butt-shaped head who wears a bowler hat and speaks with a British accent. During the Pac-War, he was known as Corporal Heineyhead and worked as a spy for Betrayus. He hates his twin brother, Dr. Buttocks, even when he's pleasing his master.
  • Dr. Buttocks (voiced by Brian Drummond) - The Netherworld's greatest mad scientist and Butt-ler's twin brother who also has a butt-shaped head, but is light blue, has a cybernetic right hand, wears glasses and speaks with a German accent. He specializes in monster experimentation in hopes of achieving Pac-World domination. He sometimes suspects that the Ghost Gang are working with Pac-Man, but has had no luck convincing Betrayus of this since he usually blames him or his brother for his failures and sometimes tortures him for fun. He wants all of the workers to get out of his way. He sometimes hates his twin brother, Butt-ler and has a rivalry with Sir Cumference.
  • Glooky - A green Ghost with a squint in his left eye. He is a friend of Blinky.
  • Mavis - An orange female Ghost.
  • Specter (voiced by Ian James Corlett) - A ghost spy who works for Betrayus ordered to get the repository and is a lot stronger and smarter than the other ghosts since he was the first to never get eaten by Pac. Dr. Buttocks has shown some jealousy to him. He easily outsmarts Pac by possessing Uggles and other Pac people, including his friends, Spiral and Cylindria. He was actually revealed to be a traitor and wanted to rule both Pac-World and the Netherworld but got ended up exposed as a liar and a traitorous outlaw thanks to a trick done by Pac-Man, Cylindria, Spiral, the Ghost Gang (who used a slug named Larry), and a silent partner in Dr. Buttocks (who built the fake repository). Betrayus ends up having Specter placed in the deepest bowels of the Netherworld.
  • Fred - Fred is a white ghost that was used as a flag due to the lack of white clothes.
  • Master Goo (voiced by Vincent Tong) - He is a calm but cocky Ninja Ghost who is a Master of Pac-Fu (the Pac-World version of kung fu). During Betrayus's deadly revolt, he discovered the dark side of Pac-Fu but was defeated by the Good Pac-Fu Masters. Years later, he became a Martial Arts Coach for Betrayus's Ghost Forces. He seems to be even stronger than Specter. With help from Blinky, Pac-Man managed to use the Pac-Fu skills he learned to defeat Master Goo after they failed to defeat him during their first encounter.
  • Captain Banshee - A ghost pirate who doesn't seem to live in the Netherworld and always sails in the sky and in space. He has a little green Pac-Dragon that behaves like a parrot.
  • Cyclops Ghost (voiced by Lee Tockar) - A race of heavyset Ghosts with one eye and three horns. These ghosts are a bit like thugs.
    • Ogle (voiced by Lee Tockar) - A Cyclops Ghost who works as a chef at his restaurant. In "No Body Knows," it is revealed that Ogle used to be a Pac-Person. He cooked the food for his friends, the Ghost Gang, Betrayus, Butt-ler, and Dr. Buttocks.
  • Fire Ghosts - A race of orange Ghosts who can emit fire from their body. Pac-Man can only eat them if he has ice powers.
  • Ice Ghosts - A race of blue Ghosts who can emit ice from their body. They first appeared in "A Berry Scary Night."
  • Tentacle Ghosts (voiced by Lee Tockar) - A race of 4-eyed purple-black Ghosts who look similar to an octopus.
  • Guardian Ghosts - A race of large Ghosts who guard the Netherworld. They seem to wear metal masks, have glowing cyan-blue eyes, and usually carry a staff.
  • Aqua Ghosts - A race of light blue Ghosts with fins on their head. They first appeared in the episode "Heebo-Skeebo."
  • Drill-Bit Ghosts - A race of Ghosts that have drill bits on their heads. They are always frightened.
  • Alien Ghosts - A race of Ghosts that live on the Ghosteroid.
  • Ghosteroid - An asteroid ghost that Dr. Buttocks once brought near Pac-World. It proved to be much of a threat so Betrayus sends the Ghost Gang to help Pac-Man get rid of it. More of them later appeared in other episodes.
  • Ghost Sharks - A race of ghostly sharks that reside in the waters of PacLantis and guard the Berry of Youth. They first appeared in "PacLantis" where one Ghost Shark ate the Berry of Youth and was revived as a Pac-Fish after they fought against Pac and his friends, the Ghost Gang, and Betrayus, Butt-ler, and Buttocks. More ghost sharks also appeared in some other episodes.

Pointy Heads[edit]

The Pointy Heads are a group of small tentacled aliens that debuted near the end of the first season where they made plans to conquer Pac-World.

  • Apex (voiced by Colin Murdock) - One of the primary antagonists of the series. Apex is an evil strange mysterious Pointy Head overlord who used a ruse to come in peace to Pac-World so that he can take over it and he might have been the one who hired the Pacinator to help him. During his ruse, he demonstrated abilities that outdid Pac-Man. When Apex's motives have been revealed, Pac-Man ends up fighting Apex and defeats him with his bad singing. Before retreating from Pac-World, Apex revealed that he had met Pac-Man's father Zac at some point, but won't tell how. In "Invasion of the Pointy Heads," Apex returns and strikes a deal with Betrayus to take over Pac-World. He eventually turned against Betrayus in order to further his goals and revealed that he was using him all this time. Apex and his fleet were repelled when Betrayus and his Ghosts allowed themselves to be eaten by Pac-Man since the Pointy-heads can't stand belched eyeballs. Before Apex joins in the retreat, he hints that he has Pac-Man's parents in his planet.
  • Professor Pointybrains (voiced by Lee Tockar) - A Pointy Head scientist who assists Apex and seems to be just as smart as Sir Cumference and Dr. Buttocks.
  • Tip (voiced by Gabe Khouth) - A strong Pointy Head who first appears in "Cosmic Contest". He became both friends and rivals with Pac-Man during the race.

Other characters[edit]

  • Grinder - Grinder is Sir Cumference's Lab Assistant robot made by Sir Cumference. Sometimes, he and Sir Cumference hate each other and he's usually bothered by Fuzbitz.
  • Madame Ghoulasha (voiced by Kathleen Barr) - A warty Nether-witch from the Netherworld who has a crush on Betrayus and offered to put a jinx on Pac-Man in exchange for him marrying her, but he refused and Buttocks ends up as her groom. She also made a cameo appearance in "Shadow of the Were-Pac."
  • Count Pacula (voiced by Lee Tockar) - A villainous vam-pac from the Netherworld with an appearance that resembles a Pac-Person. Count Pacula can only be summoned when two moons turn blue every 100 Halloweens. He only appears in "A Berry Scary Night" where he tries to hypnotize the Pac-Worlders into finding Pac-Man under Betrayus's orders, but he also begins hypnotizing some of the ghosts as well since he is on neither side. Count Pacula has a weakness to the Garlic Berry. Like the version that was seen in the 80s' Pac-Man cartoon, Count Pacula is a spoof of Count Dracula.
  • Jean (voiced by Nicole Oliver) - A vile genie who first appeared in "Meanie Genie." Dr. Buttocks found her lamp and tricked Pac-Man into finding it and releasing her. After granting Pac-Man three wishes that ends up putting the ghosts on Pac-World yet keeping them from re-entering the Netherworld, she traps Pac-Man in her lamp just before she and the ghosts proceed to wreak havoc. After Sir Cumference frees Pac-Man, he fights Jean using a Wizard Berry and traps her back in her lamp (as well as undoing what she has done to the city and sending the ghosts back to the Netherworld). Pac-Man and Sir Cumference then place Jean's lamp into a rocket and launched it into space. Unbeknownst to Pac-Man and Sir Cumference, the rocket containing Jean's lamp is found by a Pointy Head spaceship.
  • Overlords of the Outer Regions - A group of strange and unknown celestial beings that take the form of a burst of light and first appeared in "Cosmic Contest." They were frustrated and annoyed with the Pac-People, Ghosts, and Pointy Heads fighting each other and disturbing them and decide to settle things by having two of each race against each other in which the winners can stay but the other two teams will be banished to a world of nothingness that will be far far away from their homeworlds. Because the contest ended in a tie, no one is banished by the Overlords. Before leaving, the Overlords did warn them that if they cause a ruckus again they will annihilate them all, but also leaving without helping anyone return to their homes. Before the race started, the Overlords quietly said that if Pac-Man were to reach his full potential, he could challenge even them.
  • Mooby - An ancient giant flying Pac-Cow that lives up in the sky in Pac-World.
  • Grinder-Tron - A giant robot made by Dr. Buttocks that resembles an evil version of Grinder.


  • Fluffy - A giant poodle. Although it may sound sweet, when you anger it, it will turn into a very mean monster. This "Poodle" has three heads like a Cerberus. When they are actually nice, the middle one has a soft side and sends get well cards to his victims. Pinky is usually the one to bribe Fluffy when Pac-Man needs to pass by. This reflects off of Pinky's crush on Pac-Man.
  • Fuzbitz (voiced by Lee Tockar) - Sir Cumference's pet monster. He has a similar appetite to Pac. When angry he turns into a more ferocious version of himself. Despite this ability, Betrayus and Dr. Buttocks thought he was useless back when Fuzbitz lived in the Netherworld. He now lives with Sir Cumference in his lab after proving that he was too much for Pac-man and his friends to handle. He sometimes annoys Grinder.
  • Gargoyles - Large, heavy-set blue monsters with three eyes and small wings.
  • Slugs - Betrayus uses these to spy on Pac-World. In the episode "The Spy Who Slimed Me," it is revealed that they have names.
  • Pac-Dragons - The Pac-Dragons are red one-eyed dragons that live in the Netherworld.
  • Stalkers - A black medium sized monster with 2 legs, a long eel-like body, and multi-eyed face full of sharp teeth. Despite its ferocious appearance, its actually quite wimpy.
  • Venus Dragon Flytraps - Large carnivorous plants that are indigenous to the Netherworld and they first appeared in "Betrayus Turns Up the Heat".
  • Monobats - A race of one-eyed bats.
  • Stone Temple Guardians - Giant statues that serve as the guardians of a slime-filled temple and they first appeared in "Indiana Pac and the Temple of Slime".
  • Pacosaurus - Ancient dinosuars who originally roamed Pac-World and they only appear in "Jurassic Pac" and "Cave Pac-Man".
  • Were-Pac Flea - A Netherworld flea made by Dr. Buttocks. It was given the ability to turn Pac-People and Ghosts into Were-Pacs (the Pac-People version of werewolves). The effects will wear off when it leaves its host. It only appears in "The Shadow of the Were-Pac" where it tries to turn all the Pac-People into Were-Pacs including Pac-Man and his friends.
  • Space Worm - A giant worm that lives in space.


Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 26[8] June 15, 2013[9] November 9, 2013
2 26[10] June 9, 2014[10] April 25, 2015 (Japan Only)


  • Avi Arad - Developer & Executive Producer
  • Sean Catherine Derek - Story Editor
  • David Earl - Storyboard Artist
  • Tetsuya Ishii - Lead Character Designer
  • Terry Klassen - Voice Director (ep. 3-)
  • Masashi Kobayashi - Line Producer
  • Tatsuro Maruyama - Art Director
  • Masafumi Mima - Sound Director
  • Tom Ruegger - Developer, Writer
  • Paul Rugg - Developer, Writer
  • Kris Zimmerman - Voice Director (ep. 1-2)

DVD releases[edit]

There have been two DVD releases in Australia. The current releases in Australia are Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: The Adventure Begins, the first DVD release containing the first 6 episodes. The second release is Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Pac to the Future, which contains another 6 episodes. These were released in Australia on October 2, 2013. On January 7, 2014 in North America, there were four DVD releases. The Adventure Begins DVD only contains the first episode, whereas the rest of the DVDs contain four episodes each. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Pac is Back (exclusive to Walmart) includes the first four episodes, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: All You Can Eat contains the four following episodes, and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Let The Games Begin (exclusive to Target) contains the four episodes that follow after. A fifth DVD titled Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Ghost Patrol was released in North America on March 18, 2014. A sixth DVD titled Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: A Berry Scary Night was released in North America on September 16, 2014. Two additional DVDs, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Indiana Pac and the Temple of Slime and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Mission Impacable!, each with three episodes, were released exclusively to Redbox. Another DVD titled Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Pac To The Future was released exclusively to Redbox Canada.

Video games[edit]

Several video games based on the show have been developed. An endless runner for iOS and Android titled Pac-Man Dash! was released in July 2013. A 3D platformer with the same name as the TV series was released for Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in late 2013, accompanied by a 2D platformer for 3DS shortly after. A sequel was released in October 2014 release. Characters from the show have also appeared in the compilation release for PS3 and Xbox 360, Pac-Man Museum.


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures debuted on June 15, 2013, on Disney XD USA and March 17, 2014, on Disney XD Canada.


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