Pachaimalai Hills

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Pachaimalai, (Tamil : பச்சைமலை) also known as the Pachais, are hills which are part of Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu in Trichy district, located near 11°11′N 78°21′E / 11.18°N 78.35°E / 11.18; 78.35. In Tamil, Pachai means green. They are much greener than some of the other hills in the vicinity. VeeraRamar Dam is located in these hills on Kallar.Tamil Nadu Government is planning to develop this hill into a tourist place.

Rivers include Kallar and Sweata Nadi. Waterfalls include Mangalam Aruvi, Koraiyar Falls and Mayil Uthu Falls. There are also indigenous tribes, such as the Malayalis, who trade some of their surplus agricultural products, which grow in the hills, to towns below on the plains, trading for items not available in the hills. Jackfruit is one a popular seasonal agriculture product from this area.

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