Pacific Drums and Percussion

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Pacific Drums and Percussion
Type Private
Founded Santa Monica, California, USA (2000)
Headquarters Ensenada, Mexico
Key people Don Lombardi, President
Products Drums, percussion instruments and drum hardware
Parent Drum Workshop

Pacific Drums and Percussion (or PDP for short) is a subsidiary company under Drum Workshop established in the year 2000 to provide high quality drum equipment to those unable to afford the higher prestige and quality Drum Workshop equipment. Pacific Drums and Percussion also manufactures drum hardware and accessories. Their factory is located at Ensenada, Mexico. The line still uses some custom techniques, but primarily uses computerized machinery to cut costs and reduce steps to create high-quality drums in large quantities.

Current drum lines[edit]

  • Concept Series - is a new line of PDP drums that are available in both all-maple or all-birch shells. All shells are 7-ply, except for the snare which is 10-ply.
  • Mainstage - PDP's latest entry level kit that includes hardware, cymbals, and drum throne.
  • Z5 - PDP's entry level of drums that are all-wood construction, FinishPly wrap, and an array of five color choices.
  • PDP Player - A junior drum kit which includes a kick drum, two rack toms, a floor tom, and a snare. This kit also comes with a crash/ride cymbal, a set of hi-hats, and a child-sized throne.

Discontinued Drum Lines[edit]

  • X7 - As the name implies, these kits are pre-configured as a 7 piece kit. They were made from poplar (up until 2009), and come with both lacquer and wrap finishes. For 2009, the X7 kit featured all-maple shells. Pearlescent Black replaced Orange Sparkle for 2010. Purple Sparkle is also available.
  • M5 - The M5 shell kit is all maple. Like the FS series, 8" and 16" add-on toms are available.
  • FS - These drums are made from Birch and come with matte lacquer finishes. These drums are pre-configured as a fusion kit with 8" and 16" toms available as add-ons.
  • Platinum Series - PDP's top-of-the-line drums made from maple. These drums come in a wide range of sizes and four different types of finishes (FinishPly, Satin, Lacquer, and Exotic). For 2010, only four finishes are available. The series was discontinued in 2011.
  • 805 - Drums made from Birch and come in either a lacquer or wrap finishes and powder-coated hardware, with Fusion and Rock sizes available. The series was discontinued in 2009.
  • LX/LXE - Drums made from maple and come in a lacquer finish. LXE series drums come in exotic lacquer finishes.
  • MX/MXR - Drums made from maple and come in satin finish. MXR series drums are available in rock sizes.
  • CX/CXR - Drums made from maple and come in a FinishPly wrap. CXR series drums are available in rock sizes.(the finest drums made by PDP, DW Quality made in Mexico)
  • FX/FXR - Drums made from birch and come in a lacque. FXR series drums are available in rock sizes. Replaced by the FS series.
  • EX - Mid-level kits constructed from beech, oak, and mahogany.
  • EZ - A budget-priced entry-level drumset. Replaced by the Z5 series.



Notable Endorsing Artists[edit]

Most of these artists use their DW kits as their primary kit. They are rarely seen using their PDP kits, but often appear on PDP advertisements.

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