Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines

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Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines
Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines Logo.jpg
Founded 9 October 1990
Hubs Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Secondary hubs Clark International Airport
Fleet size 2
Destinations 17
Headquarters Pasay City, Philippines

Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines, Inc. is a cargo airline based in the Philippines. The carrier serves domestic services from the Philippines with their Boeing 727-100 and 727-200 Freighter aircraft. The airline also has an agreement on selected routes flown by Air Philippines.[1] PEAC was also an affiliate airline of TNT Airways, with PEAC operating TNT leased Bae 146 aircraft.[2][3]


On October 9, 1990, Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines, Inc. (PEAC) was officially formed and on the 20th of December 1991 was granted a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) to operate scheduled international all-cargo services.[1]

On the September 1, 1999, the airline came to a cargo agreement with local airline, Air Philippines.[1] During 2002 the airline operated freighter flights to Hong Kong using A300F type aircraft leased from the Turkish Airline, MNG Airlines,[4] freighter flights to Taipei using a Boeing 727F and domestic freighter flights to Cebu and Clark utilizing another B727 freighter.[1]


Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines (PEAC) serves Domestic and Regional destinations around the Philippines and surrounding region with a fleet of 727 freighter aircraft. The airline also has an agreement with domestic carrier, Air Philippines, to codeshare selected cargo operations to airports that Air Philippines operates to.[1] During a tie-up with TNT, PEAC leased four Bae 146 aircraft from TNT Airways, at the end of the lease in 1999 the aircraft where returned to Europe.[5] The TNT-PEAC joint-venture also considered re-locating the airlines HUB from Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Nearby Olongapo's Subic Bay International Airport.[6]

On June 2006, PEAC resumed its three times weekly Angeles-Clark (Angeles City) – Taipei all-cargo services utilizing a B727-200F freighter.[7] This is in addition to PEAC’s five times weekly service between Cebu and Angeles-Clark utilizing a B727-100 freighter with aircraft registry RPC-5353, operating since 2002.[7]


Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines (PEAC) serves the following Destinations (May, 2008). This also includes Cargo flights with their Air Philippines Agreement.[8] The Airline also offers its 727 aircraft for charter services.[9]

Southeast Asia[edit]


East Asia[edit]

Republic of China (Taiwan)[edit]

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People's Republic of China[edit]


South Korea[edit]


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As of May 2008 the Pacific East Asia Cargo fleet includes:[14]

(not including Boeing 737 Cargo flights operated on behalf of Air Philippines)

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